Steam Wars – Planning For Our Largest Game Yet

With our second weekend planned for another larger game, I had only 7 days to get ready for what would prove to be our largest Steam Wars game to date.  The US navy would be deploying from the sea for the first time. If they were to do this successfully they would need plenty of transports that would allow the troops to come ashore safely.

Steam wars uses 5-6 men as a basic unit size, as such, it doesn’t need hordes of figures to get a good sized force together.  I had planned for an army of 3000 points but found that even a force that large left a lot of my US Navy army still in the box.  A normal game of Steam Wars is about 1000-1500 points a side.

So as to not choke the table with too many figures all at one time, the Navy was to deploy in 3 waves. Each deployed from their lovely new landing craft.

The landing craft are designs drawn up by Coronasan and cut by Jim at Products For Wargamers.  The first is the finished design and the second (slightly simpler design) is the initial prototype updated to be playable in our game.  Hopefully they will be available from Jims web store at some point.

The remaining forces were to be deployed from the Navy Steamer and their newest walking (and swimming) transport.  If I was to be ready for the game I had to sweet talk my own female cohort and talk them into me getting more time in the shed.

Thankfully, she who holds the keys is a kind and benevolent ruler and agreed to my requests, as long as a shopping trip was promised in the near future…

4 thoughts on “Steam Wars – Planning For Our Largest Game Yet”

  1. So . . . for the sake of some extra preparation time, you’ve sold your soul to the devil! Hey, who hasn’t! Looks like this could be a good game! Amongst all the people I have ever gamed with/against I remain the only one who has ever had an amphibious tank sunk! If you could manage that, I’d be most impressed!


    1. In the end, I did not use my sub, when you see the pictures of the game, you will see there was not enough room in the port area. So the Navy were able to make their landings without any of the craft being attacked.


    2. Well done for being unique. a talent that is not often seen. I never ‘plan’ to have my troops sunk (even though I play a Victorian style Navy).
      We had planned for a few subs to be on the table, as Coronasan says, to help slow my advance. In the end we would probably have needed another 2 feet of sea board to get that working.


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