Warhammer 40,000 – Galvanic Servohaulers, Or Just A Couple Of Old Tractors And A Crane.

An age ago it seems, I purchased the Ork Kill Team Expansion from my local game store.  In said expansion were 5 Burna Boyz and a set of scenery pieces that appealed to me almost as much as the Orks.

The scenery has now been made up, and all it was ever going to be getting was a very simple paint scheme. I didn’t, therefore, worry too much about the need to start the painting while it was still part made. In hind sight this may have been a better idea.

Although most of the parts in this set have all the details on easily accessible areas, and a lot of detail is included.

Sadly, when constructed, some of the details are hidden behind tracks and wheels.

In some cases the tracks themselves are hidden by other parts…

However it turns out, I suspect that I will get enough detail painted to make them look passable.  I may even look to the possibility of not painting some of the details, as the level of ‘grim dark’, in the form of skulls and cogs, is almost too much in some parts.

A couple of the smallest pieces in the set have plenty of character and no lack of detail themselves.  I have to admit that these pieces are likely to get used more than the larger items, especially as usable items in our games of Fistful of Kung Fu and such like.

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