Warhammer 40,000 – Gretchins And Loads Of Green Ink

The more vigilant of you may have noticed these boys in the background of my last update.  The Ork Kill Team box comes with 5 Burna Boyz in it but a full kill team needs a few more bodies to get it up to points.

Therefore, I have gathered together some eBay finds, and a few old miniatures from various bitz boxes, in hopes of having enough greenskins to get a decent team together.

I suspect that these Gretchins are the least likely troop type to be included in my first team, as every dead figure adds to your chance of failing a nerve test.  I haven’t painted any green skins in the last few years so I am definitely out of practice using green skin tones.  These guys should make a great set of test figures to get a colour pallet planned though.

I don’t want to use the standard Ork green or Goblin green skin tone for these guys.  I see them as being modern tunnel dwellers (do Orks and Goblins lose their ‘tan’ if kept out of the sun?). Either way I want a lighter, pasty green, for these guys! No matter what the lore says.

I have to say that the level of detail on these guys is excellent.  Not too many items to paint but easily defined after a green Athonian Camoshade wash. Teeth, fingernails and toenails all present and correct…

I had best get going with these guys as Coronasan has already had a test game of Kill Team and I suspect it will be high on our list of games to be played over the winter.

8 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Gretchins And Loads Of Green Ink”

    1. I’ve done an Orc Dreadball team, no more than 15 figures, and very much ‘Normal Goblin Green’. Always though alternate Orc skin colours looked good (IRO did some white Orcs if I recall). I suspect his posts influenced my take on things a bit – He has that effect on folks…


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