First Foray Into A Neglected Shed Space

After sweeping away the cobwebs at the door, and running the dehumidifier for a while along with a small heater. All I had managed to do was awaken the hibernating lacewings and other crawly things that share the shed with me. In hopes of maybe evicting them before they start to annoy me I thought I might have a tidy up and check the state of play of the ‘To Do’ pile.

Unsurprisingly it hadn’t gotten any smaller while it had been neglected…

As I had been off my rhythm for some time I thought – start simple – so I grabbed a couple of scenic items from the shelf and sat down to try to get my mojo back.

Bronze dry brushing over silver base coat (why I didn’t just paint them bronze at first is beyond me at this point). Oxide green wash in some creases here and there.

Dirty up some MDF plinths (supplied by the talented Coronasan) and I have my first successes for this new push at getting back into the swing of things.

One an Alien hero (the pilot from my martian flier if I recall correctly) and the other a simple space marine in a suitably static pose.

Well, Its a start…

8 thoughts on “First Foray Into A Neglected Shed Space”

  1. A good start actually! The statues do look good and I think that finish is very effective. All I’ve managed to do is superglue some fiddly 1:72 separate arms for WW1 Russian infantry onto me fingers!


    1. No need for anything too genocidal, its a British shed… Not much deadly venom in the wild around here. That said, we get scared by anything, however harmless it is. Especially if its got wings, long legs and a habit of flying into your face.


  2. I quite like sharing the shed with the spiders- there is one very big (for the UK anyway) one in there that I’m fond of.

    Back to the important stuff- did you mix up the green wash for the bronze yourself or use a commercial product?




    1. Cheers Pete. I had one that was about 5 years old behind a mirror in the shed before the new table went in. We used to stare at each other from across the room. Each one daring the other to move first.

      Its GWs Nihilakh Oxide, surprisingly good if used sparingly…


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