Steam Wars – Martian Underground Base Entrances

The builds on these kits were finished, to this stage anyway, back at the start of December.  Due to me having a bad month, along with the usual family commitments that Xmas and the New Year bring along, they haven’t progressed any further so far. I do have all the needed plans and parts ready for when I get a good day to spray a base coat on them. After that they should be quite quick to complete.

These two smaller entrances will suffice as the access points for cephalopods and their slaves.  They are, however, really not a realistic size for allowing access by any Tripods or other vehicles. I therefore need to find, or design something, to represent these entrances in any narrative games we play.

Currently I am open to all ideas but I have played with the idea of a sloped hangar style opening with a set of sliding doors, or a pop up style lift tube (to keep things in line with the ’round’ look of the other scenery items, like my craters).  I need to get a few sketched ideas on to paper and then see what Coronasan can design and cut in MDF…

3 thoughts on “Steam Wars – Martian Underground Base Entrances”

  1. What about assuming that the centre section of the entrances you’ve already got is the top of a lift (it’s in the down position in the pictures)? You could then just add a Pringles tube over it to show it raised, with an open doorway that admits larger models. Does that make any sense? It means you can get away with fewer scenery items then!


    1. Yep, complete sense. I had the idea for a home made shaft top but hadn’t thought about using the original base… Interesting idea. I will have to dig a Christmas Pringles tube out of the recycling bin to see if it fits. Shouldn’t be a problem finding one as they haven’t collected anything here for two weeks…


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