Warhammer 40,000 – Scouts I Can Use In Kill Team

I managed a half day in the shed again this weekend.  I must try to get in there for an hour or so of an evening if I can.  I’m not sure I am back to full swing though, as I’m still just pottering about (grandad style) and grabbing whatever catches my eye to be done.

This time it was something useful at least.  A small batch of figures that might just find a place in a Space Marine kill team.

The simplest batch to complete, amongst this small collection, were a set of already painted Scouts with Sniper rifles. Originally painted in the early 2000s in a base of bright yellow, and given a camo pattern using the old original GW green ink.  These were definitely gaudy and, with the gloss finish from the green ink, very shiny. To finish the terrible effect, they were based using a summer flock called ‘meadow flowers’.

The repaint was minimal, as the age chipped areas were just repainted in a drab mix of black and browns, and then the whole thing was doused in a dark green ink wash.  With the old bases ripped off and new ones done in the black/ grey flock, sand and stone chip mix I  have been using for this army, the job was done.

These are all older metal scouts that had been originally planned as the start a full scout based army (I have about 20 more in yellow undercoat that I should really sell on to someone who will make better use of them than I will).

I can’t remember why I only painted 7 of them, but it was likely due to their points cost in an older codex.  Frustraitingly I can only use five or ten of them in a squad in the current version of the 40K rules.

More importantly I suspect, in Kill Team, I can make up a full 100 point force using eight scouts.  Either way I need to paint more of them up and sadly that means I have to try to match the original gaudy paint scheme… Hence the scarily bright blobs of yellow and green that can be seen in the first photo.

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