Warhammer 40,000 – Little Green Gitz

With the scouts nicely out of the way the green skin tide can wash in.

Sadly that sentence stopped me typing for longer than is proper, as I dwelt on the fact that it was not only cheesy but fairly apt.

Some of you will cringe with me, thinking of green ink washes, tide marks and the fact that thirteen figures does NOT make a green skin invasion…  For everyone else I shall move swiftly on…

I seem to be taking small bites out of the painting pile at the moment and achieving more that way than any other.  With that in mind, I started painting my green skinned Kill Team with these 5 Gretchin.  I suspect they will be first to die in my games, so why not make them the first figures to paint.

They are a wonderfully varied bunch of figures.  Full of character and little details.  Being plastics, some of those details do blend or merge into the main body of the figure in an annoying way.  Pouches that become trousers and then loincloths, without a point of division, spring to mind… Where as other details stand out, ready to be painted, like these tiny fingernails and teeth.  They even have eyes that are large enough for me to attempt to paint.

For speed painting a limited palette was used.  Various browns and tans mainly, with a touch of red, silver and brass that I intend to use on all the larger Orks to tie the force together.

Another thing that ties a force together is base material.  I tend to try not to paint bases these days. A mix of coloured flock or grit suits me for most things and in this case – A mix of Sand, Grey Grit and some Red/Brown Stone Chips. Nostalgia almost made me paint the edges of the bases using a pot of old GW Goblin Green that I still have. I managed to avoid that disaster with the use of a dark earth colour instead.

When the whole force is completed I might add some plant life to the bases in either grass or straw tones.  As the skin tone of the goblins is almost an autumn green/ brown it might be fitting to use the straw but I shall leave that until they are all done.

For now though, the first five Gretchins are done, and the Orks are sat awaiting their turn under the brush…

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