Warhammer 40,000 – Biggest Green Gitz

The last of the Space Orks, that I intended to paint in order to have a playable (but unlikely to be effective) Kill Team, are these five Burna Boys.

Well, actually there are four Burna Boys and their ‘Spanner’, which I guess is their equivalent of a Boss.

The Burna Boys got their first coats of paint last night and before I nodded off I got the Spanner to an almost similar state.  Fast and dirty painting (my usual style) and using a mix of brown tones from the brighter end of my paint collection.

Tonight I managed to get the last of the base colours done and then glue them together in their final poses.  As a consequence of the multi part design, not all of the poses are perfect. Some of the shoulders for example do not want to fit on to the bodies where shoulders are meant to be…  Well not if you want the second arm to actually find its way to both the gun and the Ork…

Anyway while the washes are drying let me remind you of the force.  Five Autumnal Goblins with Guns (Gretchin to the true 40k fans).

A Boss Nob with big choppa, his Gunner Boy friend (Not boyfriend! Not in public anyway) with Big Shoota and their Kommando cousin.

Have now been joined by not one…

Not two…

Not even three…

But four Burna Boys, all armed with…  Wait for it… Great big Burna’s (flame throwers to normal folks).

Not only that but there is also their Spanner and his Kustom Mega Blaster…

Yes, a fine bunch of green skinned lads (flamethrowers make it easy to hit stuff when shooting, so these guys might be the only boys to kill anything when shooting with this  Kill Team).

All in all a nice looking Mob of Space Orks (and goblins). There are thirteen of them so, from here on in, they will be known as ‘Lucky’s Louts’. Although I might wait until after their first outing to decide who of them ‘Lucky’ actually is…

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