Warhammer 40,000 – Gellerpox Infected Kill Team

With two or so Kill Teams completed to a playable state, it’s time to decide what to do next.  I really do need to play a few games the the teams that I have before I know what to tweak or add to the teams.  I have a few figures already side lined for those teams, selected from the odds and sods section of my collection.

While I get those game played though, I don’t want to be wasting my time doing nothing.

Therefore, its clipping, trimming and building time…  Coronasan split the Rogue Trader set with me (well he left them here for me to fall in love with. All the time knowing I would be a sucker for some brilliant new Nurgle inspired sculpts).

This Kill Team is a set of larger and smaller models. Representing the infected engineering room crew of a deep space explorer.  That, and the collected vermin found in the bulges of any long adrift vessel.  The biggest are these Nightmare Hulks. Lending a level of muscle to a kill team that has little or no shooting to speak of.

Led by Vulgrar Thrice-Cursed, on the right above, this chap being the conjoined remains of the chief engineer and his two first mates.  These have some nice touches that, although space travellers, feature sea creatures with almost C’thulhu like overtones.

The mid sized guys are the Vox-Shamblers, a bunch of mutated crewmen. Lesser souls that are now part man, part machine and wholly plague zombies…

Glitchlings (on the left) and Sludge Grubs (on the right) make up one half of the hordes of massed dross.

Eye Stinger Swarms (on the left) and Cursemites (on the right) finish off the horde of little gribblies that should distract, if not damage, my opponents kill team.

Now that these are built I wonder when I will get round to undercoating them.  Not the best time of year for using a spray can.  Might be time to unravel the Airbrush from the accumulated rubbish that has gathered under my desk…

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