Warhammer 40,000 – The Last Of The Undercoated Kill Team Figures

Even though I have just built two completely new Kill Teams I should really finish what I started. That would mean doing something with the last of the undercoated members of the Space Marine and Space Ork Kill Teams.

The two sergeants from the small Intercessor and Reiver sets I got seem easy enough to get on with.  Wash, weapons and heads, the odd bit of trim. I could also call one them my commander (A Primaries Lieutenant).

Two Ork Boys.  Regular sculpts, less than thrilling to paint, but they should be quick to paint up and an easy way to add some more clout to the kill team for when those sneaky Gretchin aren’t needed.

Now, these might prove more fun to paint…  Two random old lead figures with arms gathered from various other Ork kits…  They do not fit any existing profiles for Kill Team, but they look great, so what the heck!

And another batch of five Gretchin, let’s hope that a future expansion adds a little more use for these ankle biters.

Time to get myself back into the shed while I await some better undercoating weather (unlikely to happen too soon as snow is forecast for the UK at present…)

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