Warhammer 40,000 – Harlequins Colour Fade

The Harlequins have been back out as I wanted to see if I could get some undercoating done with the airbrush while the weather is so cold.  No rattle can will work at the moment so a bit of primer on a few figures might give me something to do in the next weeks.

My cheap Chinese airbrushes are not brilliant, but after having to clean them quite so vigorously last time, due to paint caking at the nozzle, I do wonder if they have are now slightly worse.  While undercoating the paint dried up in the nozzle quite quickly and they were slightly spluttery when working as well.

When the airbrush was last used, it was back in the summertime so it might be just me or to do with the weather, but I didn’t pursue things today any longer than it took to try some slight colour fades on these six figures.

As I will NOT be trying any fancy paint techniques on these boys and girls, I thought some brighter colours and slow transitions might be a good start.

Red to Orange.  Green to Yellow.  Red to Yellow.  Playing around more than painting really. It should give me a head start towards these guys being a bit more interesting than just a regular brush paint job.

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