A Terrain Day On A Rain Day

Coronasan does not only design Industrial Terrain in MDF.  He has also done a number of other styles for the interested gamer.  One terrain style I don’t have very much of is the Fantasy Medieval type of setting.

That is soon to be remedied as he had donated two new houses to the shed that I have promised to build and paint.

To anyone new to MDF kits these might look quite complex.  In truth they are fairly simple to build.  Lots of pieces, yes, but as you work through them it is often easy to work out where they go without referring to any instructions.

A good job really, as these are pretty much prototypes, so didn’t have any instructions with them.  I only had to make one phone call to the designer when putting the first together.

Two storied and fully usable inside on each floor.

A simple, paint it while building it, approach saved me lots of time and effort. Artists inks, I find, are the easiest things to use on MDF kits. In this case I used a flesh ink a red brick and a cream.  Wood work was subtly darkened using some of GWs Sepia Shade ink.

The roof is yet to be painted as I wanted to darken the underside and also to try out a grey tiles effect on the top.

One down (almost)…  One to go…

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