A Chance To Get A Game In The Shed Planned

One of the main reasons I purchased an airbrush was to help me when painting larger models.  Tanks specifically.  Weathering on larger models is often far from satisfying when applied with a brush using inks etc…

I have played a bit with my airbrush recently and its not doing as well as I would like.  I suspect my needle is slightly bent or my nozzle might be blocked.  Either way its getting a bit of splatter when it sprays…

I have a game of Dust Tactics planned for a few days time so decoded to give it one more go.  Cleaned and ready to go I started on this light walker.  Still splatter but good enough for some random camo stripes on this model.

After painting just the camo I dry fit the thing back together and he looks good enough for a first try…

Not quite up to the Dust Premium standard of my other light walkers but good enough for a game piece!

When I don’t compare it to any other models it looks even better 🙂

It also happens to be the last Dust Allied model I own………………

Yes, that means I have completed a whole army…………..

Well, until I buy something to add to it……….

All setup and ready for the arrival of Coronasan’s Axis Zombie hordes!

6 thoughts on “A Chance To Get A Game In The Shed Planned”

  1. Nice work- I’ve not taken the plunge on getting an airbruish yet. I find them a bit faffy if I’m being honest. Still you can’t argue with the quality of finish you got with yours- great stuff.



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    1. Extremely faffy. When it is clean and works well (due to correct needle size, air pressure and paint consistency…) its great. On the other 9 days out of 10 it can be a bit like blowing paint raspberries on your figures…


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