Warhammer 40,000 – Death Guard Prep

It would seem that having a game planned is the only thing that focuses my mind these days. Nothing else seems to manage to get me to do some work. After our recent Steam Wars game, Coronasan and I chatted about what games we had been neglecting for the last few months, and decided that it was high time we pulled Warhammer 40K off the shelf again.

I have a few options when I comes to this game.  One of those options, that I have not used for quite some time, are my Death Guard Chaos Space Marines. As I have more than a few pieces for this army, sat on the shelf awaiting some paint, I decided that playing with this army might help me get a few more pieces done.

As time was short, I decided on limiting the number of new bits to be painted to one large tank. To keep things fresh and new though, I made a concerted effort to get some of the units I don’t play too often, back on a table.

I haven’t played a single game of 8th edition 40K so far with a Rhino APC on the table. So, this time round I decided that this had to be included.  It holds 10 men so my seven Plague Marines could be accompanied by my (proxied) Noxious Blightbringer and Malignant Plaguecaster.  Such wonderful names they have…

A second unit of seven Plague Marines is accompanied by a Helbrute and my newly finished Plagueburst Crawler.

As you can never have enough Plague Marines, a third unit of seven finishes up this 75 power list, along with Typhus and a unit of 20 Poxwalkers.

As for work actually done with a paintbrush, I’ve had the basic colours done on the Crawler for about 6 months now, so finishing it off was only a 45 min job in the end.  Nothing special here other than the liberal use of rust and oxide.

The Rhino was bought on eBay a while back, and was already painted as shown.  All I did was look to see what I could kit it out with in the codex, and then dig through the bits box for the relevant parts.  Here I have added a Combi-Bolter and a Combi-Flamer to the original Havoc Launcher, making this into a pretty tooled up tank in the end…

As ever, this is not likely to be a tournament winning army list. That’s never an issue for me though as it is not why I play these games.  Winning is nice, but the story that the game tells is as much a part of playing as anything else, don’t you think?

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