April Challenge – Army Shot – And One Painted Figure

Azazel has again found a challenge I can get behind.  Not that the regular neglected model challenges are something I cannot take part in (heaven knows I have far more neglected models than new).

This time round its a two part challenge. Part one being an armoured model of any sort, more on that to follow.

The second part is just a bit of showing off really. With an old fashioned, honest to goodness, army shot.  Why not show off that army that you have spent the best part of your free time painting up, and bollocks to anyone that says you shouldn’t show it off.  No one tells artists not to show of their art…  Lets be proud to be like artists (as often that’s what I feel like, as I don’t get as many games in with these little men as I would like…)

As this is a painting challenge as well…  I present to you my latest painted piece. I call it Plaguecaster Pete…

5 thoughts on “April Challenge – Army Shot – And One Painted Figure”

  1. Very nice army! Good for you for showing it off! I have a cunning plan that makes one of my older armies appear to have been finished this month, but that’s a secret between me and you!
    I like Plaguecaster Pete! He looks pretty damn mean!


    1. Phone camera and poor lighting. Not really a proper excuse. I will see what I can do in a week or three. They should be back out by then. Not getting much time in the shed. Like you, real life (if we are calling it that) keeps getting in the way. Although I suspect mine isn’t quite as stressful as yours. Thanks for keeping things going while the rest of us falter.


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