Azazel’s April Challenge Part Two (Or Part One, Actually)

Part one of Azazel’s April challenge was Armoured April. Paint some Armour. Simple really. As my Death Guard were on the table recently for a game, and also out for some much neglected painting, it seemed appropriate that I get another unit done in line with this challenge.

My last unit completed, a Plaguecaster, is acting as a colour scheme reminder. That said, the scheme is basically just green, silver and grime…

The grime is often a random application of inks and washes.

Along with plenty of rust.

My opponent shouldn’t get this view of him often but it helps to show how much fleshy purple and green body is actually on show under that armoured carapace.

Part machine, part daemon slug…

All Death Guard Tank Killer (I hope…)

As he sits there at the back, waiting for my opponent to arrive, he could be mistaken for the crawling cousin to my flying Bloat Drones.  A simple army for a simple 75 power game today.

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