Last Days – Start Made

Last Days is a post apocalyptic zombie game set a few years from now.  I had purchased a few figures specifically for this game from Hasslefree miniatures. Once undercoated these have sat for a few weeks untouched.

I have made a start though.  I played a game, almost by accident, against a fellow gamer, Will, in a club nearby.  Coronasan had to cancel his planned game against Will and I stepped in, last minute, to help out with scenery and to act as an opponent.

Will took me through the basics and we played a game that can be reviewed here…

In that game I played with whatever came to hand.  Which happened to be a crew of ‘Boiler Suited Thugs‘ that lived in a prison.

So to balance things out, my official crew will be a bunch of do-gooders that live in a police station…

An older lady in charge (SWMBO), 2 Coppers, 3 Survivors and a couple of kids…

Half way there in an evening, not bad as starts go…


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