Last Days – Second Half And Final Crew

I finally found time this week to get the last of the Hasslefree miniatures completed.  These, you might remember, are for Osprey’s Last Days game.

They consist of a second child, this time with a baseball bat and bin lid. A teenager with anger issues. An older lady with a stoic ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ attitude and lastly, a slightly shifty chap with a bag full of ‘supplies’.

Pre shading shot…  showing all the mistakes and my poor attempts at getting clean edges…  and my attempt, on the older lady, at polkadots and tartan…

And now all those issues hidden away by a healthy dose of ink wash…

I don’t paint eyes anymore (if I ever did) as the ink gives a hint of definition and at table distance I can’t see them anyway (this is likely to be the last time I see them this close up…)

The full crew in all its glory outside their homestead.

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