Not Quite Back On Track After Renovations

I am almost hoping some of you have missed me.  It’s unlikely that many of you really have missed me, but an Englishman should always have hope.

Things around here have been more than a little unsettled, as we have had a batch of renovations in progress over the last 2 months.  Renovations that have gone on a little longer than we had expected or hoped…

No, we have not won the lottery, so please don’t expect a handout :-).  We have been working up to a few things for a year or two now, and just about have our ducks in a row so to speak.  In the end we took the plunge and decided to have it all done in one go. Mistakenly, we thought that it would reduce the stress of workmen being in the house for too long.  As it was, we just added to the stress, at least that’s how it seems to me.  Ho Hum…  Thats life I guess.  We survived and are almost back on track now.

I suspect there is no worse trauma than having a kitchen renovated.  The lack of a sink (or readily available running water) can be slightly disruptive to ones normal routine…

Not to say that the front room being full of kitchen cupboards did much to help either.  We had planned to run a simple temporary kitchen out of our conservatory.  In the end we could only access the kitchen by going out of the front door, around the side gate and back into the house by the rear.  All for a nice cup of tea!

Was it worth it you say?  In the end probably.  This lot should see us to our grave as we have no plans on moving house in the next 30 years. The wife is 10 years older than me so I guess I will at least have it to my self in the end, even if I have to share it for now :-).

I must say it is nice to be able to serve tea without too much fuss.

Sadly the washing up always seems to need doing…  Now I have a way to get back into the shed I might just get to paint something, if I can still remember how it’s done…

4 thoughts on “Not Quite Back On Track After Renovations”

  1. Of course we missed you, but thanks for not sharing the fun time you were having! 😉 And I think what you’ll find is that those people who say “No, we have not won the lottery, so please don’t expect a handout” are in fact the people that have won the lottery and want to throw the rest of us off the track! I’d be expecting a handout if I hadn’t just won myself, oh dammit, edit that bit out! Glad you’re sorted anyway and can get back to painting and gaming soon! 🙂

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