Warhammer 40,000 – Death Guard Get New Units

Well, we have another, slightly larger, game planned.  This time its a game of Warhammer 40K so Coronasan can try out some larger pieces of his industrial scenery.  It’s not happening for a few weeks yet, but I had best start planning for it.  I will need to dig out come of those neglected models I have, so that I can again get something new onto the table.

A bit of brute force (I don’t often play with pure close combat dreadnoughts) might be useful in such a close quarters battle.  A second chaos sorcerer will be useful too as I suspect I will be up against an army that is at least part Grey Knights.

I have been meaning to get some terminators on the table for some time now so I guess this my chance to get them painted.

First up though a Soul Grinder…

WIP in this shot but already the base colours are getting close to my Death Guard scheme.

In fact his base colours are so close to the Death Guard theme that his scraps of old armour are almost invisible against his skin…

A few armour plates and a bit of rust and I should be able to call him finished.

In fact, here he is in his finished form.  Varnish and all.

I will more than likely be playing him as a Plague Hulk (from the Forgeworld Index Book) rather than as a Soul Grinder.  That way he will fit in with the other Death Guard forces better.

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