Warhammer 40,000 – So Far So Good, Vehicles All Done

As I had all the vehicles for my upcoming game of Warhammer 40K out of the display case I thought you might want to see them.  Don’t expect too much of this photo as I haven’t had a table set up for a few weeks now.  The background is therefore plain old MDF (try to imagine them as majestically arrayed over a grand, golden, sand dune; or not…)

The real reason for posting this photo is in hopes of worrying Coronasan into taking lots of Antitank units. Hopefully at the cost of some of his assault troopers.  That way my poor bloody infantry might get a chance to survive past the first two turns.

The other thing that might help those infantry to survive is by having a few bigger brothers on their side.  The remaining figures, that still haven’t seen any love or paint yet, are five terminators, a specialist with a nasty watering can stuck on his back and my second Plague Caster.  I’m hoping to get cracking on these in the next day or so…

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