Warhammer 40,000 – Foul Blightspawn

Some models don’t want to get painted.  I suspect this one was happy in green plastic.  Maybe it thought to itself…  ‘I know, when I grow up, I want to be one of those army men’.

I painted this over two nights with very little enthusiasm and I think it shows in this photo taken mid paint job.

Colours randomly splattered over the original green base coat, with no effort made to ‘colour inside the lines’.  Some details left unpainted because… well hell, the ink wash will bring them out…

I dropped this figure about 20 times during its time on the paint table.

It should be a great figure to paint.  The option for a glass fronted, fluid filled tank. Lots of well defined details and the chance to add a range of colours from outside of the regular Death Guard colour scheme.

I can’t say why it caused me so much trouble.  Maybe it’s time for a night or two off painting green Space Marines. I don’t want to get side tracked by something else so, if it’s a night off, it’s a proper night off.  No shed tonight, let’s just update the blog (and moan about green Space Marines.)

Don’t get me started on the fact that it was slightly late when I finished and even outside, in the fading evening light, I couldn’t get a good clear photo…

Annoyingly, tonight seems just as bad, as the sun is behind me and either casts my shadow on the BBQ or leaves a looooong shadow on the miniature.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…

Then give up and pour yourself a stiff Vodka and Tonic.  Strong enough for the words to be lubricated enough to flow from your fingers (just like the shadows flow in my photos…)

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