Warhammer 40,000 – MDF Industrial ‘Pringle’ Tower

WARNING: lots of very similar pictures…

The Pringle Tower.  Made from a Pringles crisp tube and some MDF.  A perfectly simple idea that can become a piece of scenery quickly and easily.  Coronasan has designed a whole range of Industrial Scenery around this humble crisp tube and expanded that range to include walkways, landing pads and even lighting options for the more technically minded.

Mine is a basic, early production prototype.  It went through a few basic design changes before the final design was settled upon.  Mine has all the basic parts of the final design, but the final kit comes with more guard rails and a couple of terminal points that can be fitted to the central column.

Designed with 28mm miniatures in mind (are GW still claiming their stuff is 28mm these days or is it more 30mm or even 32mm now?).  The floor plans can fit base sizes up to 40mm without too much trouble.

And there is plenty of room up top for objectives to be fought over.

Even my new Death Guard Helbrute can fit on the ledges, although you might argue he would have trouble getting through those hatches…

All in all, a nice simple kit that I should be able to weather up and fit in with my, slowly growing, collection of Sci-Fi scenery.

6 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – MDF Industrial ‘Pringle’ Tower”

    1. Sometimes I think I have too many choices in the shed and I already know that I am too lazy to change the table every time. Missed the last planned game of 40k and ended up playing Last Days : Zombie Apocalypse on mars in the end…

      We flit from game to game far too often it would seem.


  1. Looks great. But damn you, now I want to start another project. (And eat some Pringles). 🙂
    I’m sure the Hellbrute would just reach up and pull itself to the next level anyway. I’ll avoid a rant about GW scale creep too. Their AoS stuff is getting so large it looks ridiculous next to us oldies’ existing fantasy collections.

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    1. Scale creep… Best not to start on that one… Coronasan is about to start a new Space Marine Kill Team using some original beaky plastic marines. He might have to call them Squats when he comes up against the new Death Guard Terminators I have…

      Liked by 1 person

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