Pirates – We Are NOT Gonna Need A Bigger Boat…

One weekend recently, Coronasan invited me over to his to prep some a boats that have been hanging about in the shed for a while now.  By ‘prep’ he meant ‘chop the bottom off’.  As we are water lining these play mobile ships for use with 28mmFigures.

When I got there I found he had a spare ‘large’ ship that he had no use for and had kindly donated to me.  I say kindly with a little caution as that means I will be obliged to make up a third craft to go with my original two.  Mine now actually look a little small when sat next to this first rate vessel.

After some loud and quite violent looking work with an electric saw, we took some time to sit back and have a cup of tea while we counted our fingers.

Sadly, I now have three rather large projects to add to the ever expanding to do list in the shed.  If I just got on with them though, it would mean I could get a great sense of achievement and success.  Yeah unlikely.  With these three, and a large Millennium Falcon, Coronasan has me sorted for large projects for the next few years I suspect…


Not to mention that I might need another 30 pirates to be able to fully crew these lovelies!

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