Tanks – The Little Things That Are Distracting Me From What I Should Be Up To

Guess what?


I am in the middle of something and I got side tracked again.


Blame Coronasan…  He suggested we try a game we have neglected for over a year now.

The Gale Force Nine – Tanks Skirmish Game.

So here I am painting 15mm tanks.  Varied German vehicles, as that way, I might someday have a small Axis world war two force I can use.

My first German tanks were done in a poorly applied camouflage. These I cheated and did in German uniform grey.  Maybe not too authentic but nicely cinematic.

There is something about the Stug that just appeals to me.

Against my bad camo they make the bad camo look even worse (I might be tempted to repaint a few tanks…)

All ready to go with my limited 15mm scenery selection…

5 thoughts on “Tanks – The Little Things That Are Distracting Me From What I Should Be Up To”

  1. Authentic or no, they look good. I had no idea Gale Force Nine put out rules. I have some of their hobby supplies, which I like — I’ve always thought of the company as one that puts out useful/decent stuff at a good price point.

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  2. Very nice. I think StuGs with the long guns would be in the camo (which both came in 1943 I think) but they do look good in grey. I would also recommend “What a Tanker!” by Too Fat Lardies as a good set of rules for fast paced tank battles.


  3. Your post immediately moved to the front of the queue, ’cause it had “tanks” in the title! I do like the StuGs and what look like interchangeable tops for the armoured cars – clever! Nice terrain set up as well! 🙂


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