WarCry – Undead Is Easier Than Anything Living

As I have run out of small tanks to paint I have been working to get a few more Skeletons done.

I started with a few badly based plastic skeletons and a Malufaux magic user. After rebasing most of them, I had a workable force for my first game of WarCry.

I was always going to need some heavier skeletons, Grave Guard. So a few neglected old school metal figures were called up for service.

I do need a proper Necromancer to lead these guys but this little lady will do for now.  I am thinking an oldhammer Chaos Sorcerer might fit the bill if I can find one under £12…  eBay seems to be slightly over priced at the moment!

A few spare skeletons with scythes (I know. Its unlikely that anyone could swing that weapon with a shield in the other hand but I didn’t have any spare spearmen, so these guys got the new shields…)

Quite a nice little starter force.  So, whats next?

2 thoughts on “WarCry – Undead Is Easier Than Anything Living”

    1. I shan’t be posting the details of the first game as it was played with unpainted figures for the most part… Shock Horror… I would not want to be shunned for shameful behaviour like that.

      The short version (just for you) is that it is very good. Simple but not dumbed down. Fast, which always helps to get games played with friends on time constraints.
      I suspect that the best bit for me was the randomness of the game. A random mission, random deployment, variable game length and a random twist are decided only ‘after’ you pick your force. I like that this stops you building your team around fulfilling a specific role. Random deployment also forces you to rethink battlefield roles. That slow heavy being deployed away from all the action makes you use the lighter faster forces more aggressively in a 4 turn game.


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