Restarts And Archives…

Right, back to work then!

I took some advice from you lot, and mulled over and combined your varied good ideas.  I then got lost again in the myriad of options that were newly opened to me.  Options I had not considered actually, so after a while, and once I had a wedge of time free, I started to get back to the grindstone and restart this blog thing.

I will keep this post short as I am writing it at midnight after spending 3 hours exporting and importing a whole 4 years of blog posts. Then deleting the older posts from the original site and finding that the media (images) were still there…  They were the files that were clogging up the old site and had to be deleted individually before I managed to free enough storage to get back on line.

Needless to say I now have two blog sites. This one and a shiny new Archive Site that can be accessed from the link on the top of my blog main page.  Please feel free to follow it so you have a link to the older posts but take note it will be bulk updated only once a year to keep this site from clogging up again.

Lets hope this gets me back to blogging semi regularly again…

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