A Song Of Ice And Fire – Free Folk – What, Wait, Am I Starting Another Army

At Colours this year I picked up a new starter set for a game I had not played before. Talk about being a gaming butterfly…  The rather nice miniatures from the A Song Of Ice And Fire Miniatures Game were first wafted under my nose back at Salute when one of my friends bought in to an army in a fairly sizeable way.  We managed to hold off getting into it at that time but as with all things, constant exposure to something is likely to wear you down.

By the time the Colours show was due I was again tempted by a starter set. Which one to choose though… In the end, I would like to claim that my purchase was made with the figure count, value for money and the lack of expansions available at this time, in mind.  The reality is I just wanted a couple of giants in my army.

It does mean I now have another 42 figures to distract me from all of the other things that I should be painting.  Well, at least the undercoating of that many figures is a quick process.

We also have a game of Ragnarok (by Osprey Games) planned for 2 weeks time so what better to use than 8 of these boys and girls as a war party.

It allows me to get a few of the hero types painted and also maps out the paint scheme that I plan to use for an army of chilly barbarians.

I have used a number of the contrast paints from the new GW range and some are definitely keepers.  The browns are great as colours for wood and fur types, the black and grey are also good fits for my style of painting.  Some others are not what I would call effective or useful, for my style of painting at least.  These new paints definitely won’t take over from normal paints, but some will certainly find a home in my regular paint stand.