Gaslands Team Two

So, like most people on the Gaslands Facebook page I seem to have purchased a few too many cars for a game that only needs 3-4 in the average team garage.

Therefore, I have made some happy people and already given them a copy of the rules and some of my haul in hopes of getting them started on this little game.

One lucky (read – no painting drive at all) fellow picked out his cars and left them just lying about on my painting table expecting them to paint themselves…

Well, I had 3 hours spare and a new pack of Ramshackle games upgrade parts that arrived that morning, so hey presto – Finished team (Extended team really, as only 3 were needed to fit the 50 can standard game limit)

First up, and my favourite, is this Buggy. Armed with little more than 2 crew to lob grenades and fire their handguns at passers by.

A little more classy and obviously the lead driver in this team.

Also slightly more ‘up gunned’, this little convertible has 2 crew and 2 MGs mounted on the front.

A second buggy, with grenades and 2 crew, gives the option for a larger, slightly lighter team, if speed is required instead of brute force.

Pickup trucks appear to be the easiest way to bring on the brute force. Either as a platform for a turreted HMG.

Or by applying that weight directly to your opponents cars in the form of a battering ram.

I suspect he will be happy with the simple paint jobs and little additions.  If left to him they would likely have been played ‘as is’ or replaced in time by eBay purchases of finished conversions.

First game is planned for later this week, so watch this space…

Gaslands – Starting Something New, Again…

Some gamers manage to find one game and fall in love with it.  They focus all their energies on becoming, at first competent in the game, then to excel in the game.  They exhibit a level of focus and dedication to their chosen ruleset that can be seen in vast and well thought out armies.

That is not me, and I suspect it is none of my few friends either.  We are gaming butterflies.  We flit from one game to another, always attracted by the possibility and promise of something new.

Hence I have bought the latest Osprey game Gaslands and accidentally wound up with two extra copies of the game for my closest (read – only) active gaming friends.

I may well have also purchased a couple of sets of upgrade parts from a few companies to add to the 30+ cars that eBay found me in the last week or so…

Any game that lets you take a mass produced toy car and, with the addition of a few parts, leaves you ready to play is good in my world.

As most gamers, my bits box always seems to have a few parts in it that work just like they were meant for the project…  Missile launchers that were too small for the last project turn out to be just the ticket for the next project.

For some weapon loadouts in Gaslands you don’t even have to have to add anything.  An oil slick dropper and a box of grenades on the passenger seat doesn’t need any modelling to make it work…