Horizon Wars – 6mm Details – To Paint Or Not To Paint

So the detailing has started.  Plain white and black is too simple a paint scheme for these miniatures. A couple of extra colours are all it takes to add some interest.

I have done some test models and I like their look.  So far, silver red and blue are detailing the white and black base coat.

Once I finish the rest off, I may have to add some more colours, but I don’t want to go too far.

As I painted some more bases, I noted that some have faces and hair…  That’s 2 more colours I will need to add…

So far so good but still a long way from finished.

Horizon Wars – Basing That Takes Longer Than The Figures

So basing is well underway. The base colour is done and when they are all laid out they are looking fairly neat so far.

It also reminds me how much base painting I have to do.

Dry brushing in grey gives a fairly simple contrasting effect.

Again painting the edges takes a fair amount of time too.  All in all, these bases have taken much longer than they should have.  Longer than I expect the figures will take.

I have started a little bit of silver on some of the figures as a treat to myself. After so long painting bases I thought it would be nice to do something else. How much more I will do, to pick out details on these tiny figures, I haven’t decided as yet…  I may only need to pick out a couple of things and then I can call them done.

Horizon Wars – Swift Progress

So now I have a Horizon Wars force up and running, I need to get them ready. Coronasan has already started his new 6mm force and that army grows daily with a heavy focus on armoured vehicles.

I still don’t have a generic system for basing armies and usually I chose a new style for each army I start.  This time I have decided on a rocky effect. I have used the basing material, brown gravel from army painter, before and it works well.  Once I started though, I realised that the rocks, although small on 28mm bases, are much larger on 6mm bases than I expected…

Also, I should have based them last as the white undercoat I have used means I now need to do an awful lot of extra work.  First by painting around the tiny infantry feet on about 30 bases and then dry brushing them to bring out the details on each one too.

One quick way of detailing so many small miniatures is a heavy black wash.  And with Star Wars back in the public eye the black and white storm trooper effect is a nice finish to get me started.

I will be basing up the Mech and the infantry but not the fliers or tanks at this time.

An impromptu set of painting mounts lets me ink wash the tanks and small flyers as well as this large repainted MechWarrior miniature.  This large flyer, which should be used in a 10-15mm game, will be used as a fighter bomber or transport.

The painting will continue over the next few days so updates should be coming fairly regularly over the next little while…

Horizon Wars – A Decision To Start Again.

Never one to shy away from more work, and despite having about 3 kilos of epic scale miniatures and tanks, I have decided to start a new Horizon Wars force using some miniatures from a kickstarter that I backed but had no purpose for at the time.

I got these lovely items from the Oathsworn Miniatures – Heavy Robot kickstarter.  Sadly the range is no longer in print and Oathsworn are focusing on other interesting projects. The Robot kickstarter sent me one robot and some small robot drones.  Two tank style and four flyers.

In 28mm scale they are nice little robot drones.

In 6mm scale they are a Heavy Mech, two small tanks and four fighter aircraft.

After digging out my old unpainted sprues of Epic scale Space Marines, I have come up with enough bases of infantry to cover all my needs.

Now all I need to do is slap on some paint and base them up ready for a game…

Horizon Wars – A Return To 6mm Games

Released last month at Salute, Osprey’s Horizon Wars has been getting good reviews and picking up new players all over the world.  Their facebook page seems to be where most of the discussion is taking place.  The authors new website is also a good source of info.

Upon getting finished with the first read through of the book, I raided my old 40k Epic cases.  I have several kilos of Imperial Guard to pick from and a sample 9 point force came out of the case without leaving a gap…

I also have Space Orks and Space Marines to chose from too.  The Orks could be used like this for a simple 12 point game…  Again without the case looking touched…

Anyone reading my blog will recognise that all my games get plenty of scenery bought or built for them.  I seem to have the start of a forest already.

Along with a small bomb levelled town, a couple of gun pits and some tiny hedges.

Hedges that should do fine by the looks of it.

These old home made rubber roads are perfect as a ‘cut to fit’ road system.

A touch small for tanks but scale seems ok for now.

And I have plenty of them…

Judging by our failed attempts at planning a game of Dust Tactics recently, we might get a game in by June 🙂