Warhammer 40,000 – New Knight Number Two Further Progress Made

A little more progress has been made on the Imperial Knights army.  My second chassis, from the Renegade box, has been built.  I am not able to get out in the shed for long periods but, here and there, I get a moment to clip, trim and glue where I can…

I have had some pleasing comments lately in regard to these chaps. A nice stroke to the ego, I do however need to point out that the models themselves are pretty idiot proof and that even a simple paint job brings out their inner beauty.  I don’t often praise Games Workshop but these models are an exception to the norm.

I left the ‘armpit gun’ off this chap with the hopes that I could switch out the weapon once it has been finished but I suspect a magnet will be required as the clip they fit into is positioned too far back to easily fit the guns without breaking it one day.

Dry fitting some of the armour plates to get a sense of the overall scheme leaves me happy with the effect so far.

I just need to find the time and motivation to get back out to the shed so that I can call them finished in the next week or so

A project for the future (actually a project that stalled well over a year ago…) My Glottkin was always going to be a Nurgle Renegade Knight. He now has some upgrades that may prove useful in the form of leftovers from this project.  I still need to find a Carapace, and/or some armour plates, for him that will tie him into the general Knight look.  I don’t fancy buying a full knight kit just to use the plates but I do wonder what else I could get to do the job…

Warhammer 40,000 – Bigger Knights Part Two

More time has been spent in the shed and the Imperial Knights have progressed slightly since last seen.  All of the arms for my two Knights have been built, along with their carapace weapons, and I have decided on the load out for each.  I have decided not to magnetise the arms as I suspect that the weapon options I have are the only ones I will use in this, my second and likely to be less played, 40K army.

As I have a good ‘all rounder’ in the form of my original Knight Paladin, I have decided to go with one ‘shooter’ and one ‘close combat’ option for the two new Knights.

In my excitement, I painted the first armour plates that I had prepared, in the colours that I had decided upon for my close assault Knight. The drawback was that I only had the chassis for the shooter built so far…

Not too much of an issue though as the plates are the same for all Knights of this class and are easily interchangeable.

I quickly dug the plates out from the second Knight and cleaned them up so that they were ready for the knight as I had planned it to be.

Even without their armour to bulk them out, these are imposing models…

So, my close combat ‘Freeblade’ Knight in a Green and White livery.  (The green I used for this chap is Death Guard Green, as the new FAQ clarifies that these Knights can now be used by the Chaos powers as well as the Imperium of man).

The livery of the shooter has kept some of the blue of the original Knights, but I have added in some white plates to give a little more variation in look than I used with the original Knights scheme.  Once these panels are fitted, and the decals are added, I suspect they will have a nice colour variation but match enough to each other to get the army theme I want on the table.

Warhammer 40,000 – Bigger Knights Started

Despite my real life being slightly unsettled since the return from holiday…  I have managed to get some stuff done on the odd day when things were quieter.  Plenty of time has been had to read and surf the internet.  What should I find when surfing on the day I wrote my last blog post but an FAQ by Games Workshop for their new Knights Codex.

If you remember the last post well, you will recall that I had just taken delivery of a duo of new Knights.  The new FAQ changes all the rules that prompted me to purchase these figures and my army list has had to change accordingly.  Those annoying changes aside, I am still enjoying building and planning these new and imposing figures.

Work has started on the chassis of the first of the new knights.

This has again been made with armour plates left off so they can be painted separately.

I have been finding lots of detail that I forgot was on the model from last time.

Details that will be lost or obscured when the armour plates are in place.

This will get a silver spray base coat and then a few details picked out in brass before a dark tone wash is applied.

My plan is to play this as a Knight Crusader with a battle cannon and huge assault cannon.  There is nothing better than rolling up to 24 dice each turn (especially when its all coming from one figure).

One difference to the first Knight I painted, is that I have left off the gun shields this time.  I have done this so that I can paint them separately on this model, like the other armour plates.

It should add in a splash of colour on what would otherwise be a set of plain silver arms.

I am yet to decide if the armour plates are going to be done in the same plain blue of the original 3 Knights or if I will try an alternate scheme.  The lazy painter in me says ‘keep it simple…’

Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knights Progress Made, More Plans Made

Stage 2 in the progress on the Armiger Warglaives is fitting the armour plating.  Simple all blue primer is all they are getting so that they match their Lords colour scheme.  I am nothing if not consistently lazy.

I may go back at some point and put some silver on a couple of rivets etc if I get time but that would be after the army is completed methinks…

Effective enough for a game ready miniature that is unlikely to get used too often (Space Marines will remain, as always, my main army in 40K).

I had time, when the wash was drying, to make the bases slightly more than a flat circle for these guys.  With a few off cuts of plastic rod and some items from the bits box they become so much less basic.  Again, nothing too fancy to be seen here.

With the decals applied, the colour level jumps back to normal and those flat blue plates become a little less boring.

These guys add up to about 41 power in 40K terms.  As we normally play about 75 – 100 power in a game I am about half way there in this army.

As it happens my local postie popped in with this fine box as I was writing this blog entry…

A quirk in the rules of the Codex is that you need at least 3 full sized Knights to gain any detachment Command points for the army (did I say ‘quirk’ I meant to say sales ploy…)

Luckily this boxed game gets you 2 Knight figures, and a nice bit of industrial scenery (always useful), for a retail price of £120.  I picked it up on eBay for about the same price as a single new Knight kit (£99).

It will add another 45 Power to my army, this means I can now field a full Knight force in our 75 power level games. In 100 power level games it leaves me a few points spare to spend on the allies that will be required to hold objectives, which is where knights seem to be lacking in this edition of the game…

Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knights Making A Proper Start

With the release of the new Imperial Knights Codex for Warhammer 40,000, I have been motivated to return at last, to my painting desk. I have been away for a few weeks, and on my return the painting urge was far from present.  A good rulebook, or army list in this case, always manages to prod me back towards the desk. So here I am again, in happy painting land…

I retrieved the 2 Armiger Warglaives, that I had picked up back in April this year, from their drawer.  Both were undercoated on the day they were built so both were ready for a quick and simple paintjob, just like my bigger Knight.

No fancy paintjobs this week.  A bit of brass here and a bit of dark tone wash there…

I plan to let the contrast of armour plates and decals add the impression of colour again to what is basically a silver chassis.

Some variation in face plate and stance makes these a bit more individual and should be useful when trying to play them as a pair on the table.

The plan is to get them to match the original colour scheme of their bigger Lord.

More to follow…

Warhammer 40,000 – Baby Knight Two

Some weeks ago I got all excited over the release of some smaller Imperial Knights for Warhammer 40k.  I made one up to see if it was as easy a task as the original knight.  It was, but I never managed to get the second built, as the Codex for this army is not due out until summer by my guess, so my excitement faded as fast as it arrived.

This weekend we in the UK have had a bit of a heat wave…  25 degrees is hot for us at this time of year (hey, its hot for us at any time of the year).  The Shed is situated in the sunny part of my garden and as such gets the full force of the sun on days like these.  On venturing in one morning, to see if I could get some painting done, I was assaulted by the heat as I opened the door.  On checking the thermometer I decided not to try painting anything, as it would dry on my brush faster than I could daub it onto any miniature.

A quick check back in to the shed at mid day showed that I had taken the right decision as it had reached 45 degrees by then with both doors open and a fan on.

The decision to pop out and pick up supplies was taken by the good lady, and a bottle of Pims was added to the shopping list.  It was actually an act of blatant bribery, as she had a cunning plan to get me to clear the garden in mind…  4 trips to the local recycling centre later I was allowed to sit back and enjoy what was left of the day.

As I did not want to call the day a bust from a hobby point of view, I decided to get another of the simple jobs done.  Baby Knight two was therefore pulled out, clipped, trimmed and glued together in a way that would allow me to paint up armour and chassis in the laziest way possible.  A couple of spraying sessions later She was finished to the same point as the original mini knight.

For two models made up from the same kit a little variation in pose is possible.  The legs are interchangeable and it can be set with the left or right foot forward.  Arms are also swappable so left or right again.  I am hoping that the Codex, and the release of this miniature in its own packaging, will allow me to vary the weaponry slightly. I have to admit that, although the Melta and Chain sword load out is good, I would favour a rapid fire option knowing which opponents I will be more regularly facing.

Don’t hold your breath though, as these are likely to be sat in a drawer until the codex arrives in the shops.  It might be a while before they are given their next trip out onto the painting table.

Warhammer 40,000 – Daddy Knights And Baby Knights.

I truly believe that everything has its nemesis.  Balance is required in the universe so, light and dark, good and evil, effective hobby time and postmen…

Yes, my always happy local postie called in last week, and dropped off a flattish box which at first glance was not that impressive.  The contents of that box had an almost magical ability though. An ability to stop my hobby in its tracks, and distract me from my aim of painting Tripods…

Games Workshop have released yet another two player starter set that has flooded eBay with various split out figures and models.  In my case the attraction was with the new Imperial Knight Armiger Warglaives.

These, smaller, Imperial Knights are great as models in their own right.  When I saw them I thought, as I already have a knight, a couple of these in a support role would be ideal.

I have made up the first of them.  A simple task as these are very easy to construct.

They are further improved in my mind, as was the original knight, by being well planned out by GW. Thus allowing me to paint it while it is in pieces and then finally building it once the armour plates are coloured.

This is going to have to go back in the drawer though, unfinished as it is, as I have a small force of Tripods that should be on this very painting table. As its only a few days before they need to be fielded in a game…

Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knight

So I have finished all that I plan to do with the ‘official’ Imperial Knight.  My renegade knight will be sat on the paint queue shelf for a while, as other things have been taking up my time of late.  This chap only got the simplest of paint jobs, so was quick and easy to complete.

The kit comes with enough decals to sink a ship, so painting simply was never going to be an issue. All those added colours and images give an extra something special to the look of the model that my paintbrush could never achieve.

I toyed with leaving him baseless as I prefer my vehicles to be that way as large bases always look odd.  After playing a game this way it proved he needed one to allow measurement and close combat to be easily worked out without argument.

On spray varnishing with GW purity seal the fabled frosting effect has again been a problem.  No matter what temperature or humidity I try to spray in I never get a clean layer using spray varnishes.  There must be an alternate method that does not involve brushwork.

I have used the simple basing method that is found on my other imperial forces but as the base was so large have added in some cork tile and cobble stone paper to break up the surface a little.  Overall a good model and I am happy with how it came out.


Warhammer 40,000 – Knights, Imperial And Renegade

I’ve been feeling slightly inadequate lately. Veganman turned up with a trio of Dread Knights and a host of Terminators to one game and Coronasan has wiped my army off the table with armies of teleporting dreadnoughts and assault cannons galore.  I feel slightly under gunned at times with just a land raider and some marines. Therefore I felt the need to rectify that with something a little more special.

As I play both Imperial and Chaos armies I wanted to make up some kits that could fulfil that need for both armies. So, I decided bigger is always better, and that I needed a knight for each force.  I didn’t fancy making two of the same model so one would have to be a bit different.  I am no great converter so most of the look would need to be already there in the base model.

Luckily GW does a nice big Nurgle beastie called the Glottkin.

After a chat with Wayne at my local GW store I was decided, and when I started on this kit I was surprised how easily it went together.  Half way through it looked a bit like a half eaten Easter egg though…

Its full of detail so had the look I wanted to bring to the force.

My worry was that if I varied the look by chopping bits off to replace with 40K era weapons I would lose some of its usefulness.  I have hopes of using this in a Dragon Rampant force as you might have guessed.

In the end I decided to leave most of it as is and to play it as a proxy calling its longer arm a melee weapon and its maw like shorter arm as a bile vomiting cannon.  It has figures to ride on its head but I will leave them as removeable and add in a 40K figure as a rider for when it appears in the Nurgle Chaos army.

A standard Imperial Knight that I found on a Bring and Buy sale at Colours recently will be the boost my imperial force needs.

If that wasn’t enough eBay supplied me with a sensibly priced Great Unclean One that will allow me to use my Mother of all Worms as a proxy for a different type of figure (Coronasan sorted me the stats for a Spined Chaos Beast that might fit the bill).