Warhammer 40,000 – Death Guard Get New Units

Well, we have another, slightly larger, game planned.  This time its a game of Warhammer 40K so Coronasan can try out some larger pieces of his industrial scenery.  It’s not happening for a few weeks yet, but I had best start planning for it.  I will need to dig out come of those neglected models I have, so that I can again get something new onto the table.

A bit of brute force (I don’t often play with pure close combat dreadnoughts) might be useful in such a close quarters battle.  A second chaos sorcerer will be useful too as I suspect I will be up against an army that is at least part Grey Knights.

I have been meaning to get some terminators on the table for some time now so I guess this my chance to get them painted.

First up though a Soul Grinder…

WIP in this shot but already the base colours are getting close to my Death Guard scheme.

In fact his base colours are so close to the Death Guard theme that his scraps of old armour are almost invisible against his skin…

A few armour plates and a bit of rust and I should be able to call him finished.

In fact, here he is in his finished form.  Varnish and all.

I will more than likely be playing him as a Plague Hulk (from the Forgeworld Index Book) rather than as a Soul Grinder.  That way he will fit in with the other Death Guard forces better.

Azazel’s April Challenge Part Two (Or Part One, Actually)

Part one of Azazel’s April challenge was Armoured April. Paint some Armour. Simple really. As my Death Guard were on the table recently for a game, and also out for some much neglected painting, it seemed appropriate that I get another unit done in line with this challenge.

My last unit completed, a Plaguecaster, is acting as a colour scheme reminder. That said, the scheme is basically just green, silver and grime…

The grime is often a random application of inks and washes.

Along with plenty of rust.

My opponent shouldn’t get this view of him often but it helps to show how much fleshy purple and green body is actually on show under that armoured carapace.

Part machine, part daemon slug…

All Death Guard Tank Killer (I hope…)

As he sits there at the back, waiting for my opponent to arrive, he could be mistaken for the crawling cousin to my flying Bloat Drones.  A simple army for a simple 75 power game today.

Warhammer 40,000 – Not My First Death Guard Terminators

A while back I started thinking about adding some Terminators to my Warhammer 40,000 Death Guard Army.  I even purchased some over a year ago before really looking at the rules for them or the specific weapon options.

As I had been buying older Death Guard Plague Marines I thought older Death Guard Terminators would still be usable.  I was wrong sadly.  Those figures will be converted at some point, but being a lazy soul, I decided to buy some proper Blightlord Terminators and make a start on them.

I see them as a unit of close assault heavies.  They are soooooo slow they will need to teleport to where they will be most effective, then stay there…

The sculpts are the typical mix of new GW details.  All the standard chaps are carrying Combi weapons (a Combi-Flamer on this chap)

Heavy weapons are included as usual and, as I have chosen a close assault theme for these guys, I have a Plague Spewer on this chap.


A Plague Flail for when you really want to hurt the people standing in front of you…

And the chap in charge has a Combi-Melta.

Nothing truly special here, but a good staple load out for a closer combat aimed unit.

April Challenge – Army Shot – And One Painted Figure

Azazel has again found a challenge I can get behind.  Not that the regular neglected model challenges are something I cannot take part in (heaven knows I have far more neglected models than new).

This time round its a two part challenge. Part one being an armoured model of any sort, more on that to follow.

The second part is just a bit of showing off really. With an old fashioned, honest to goodness, army shot.  Why not show off that army that you have spent the best part of your free time painting up, and bollocks to anyone that says you shouldn’t show it off.  No one tells artists not to show of their art…  Lets be proud to be like artists (as often that’s what I feel like, as I don’t get as many games in with these little men as I would like…)

As this is a painting challenge as well…  I present to you my latest painted piece. I call it Plaguecaster Pete…

Warhammer 40,000 – Death Guard Vs Blood Angels

After a quiet weekend the planned game of Warhammer 40K came round quite quickly after all.  I set a fairly simple table up and we went at it using the escalation mission and a growing number of objective cards to gain our victory points.  Simply put, we had as many mission objectives as the turn number (turn 1 = 1 objective, turn 2 = 2 objectives… etc…).  In a way, as the game progressed, we had more choice of which mission objective to attempt but fewer troops with which to accomplish it!

Coronasan went for a jump pack heavy Blood Angels force with tank and dreadnought support. The jump troops dropping in as reserves throughout the first few turns of the game.  Their elite status making for a smaller force.

I went for a larger force, comprised of a large number of basic troops. I knew I would be slower on foot, so I took a Rhino APC to transport at least one of my units into the depths of the table if required.  Along with some longer range firepower and a couple of psykers I thought I might be able to pick off a few of the enemy before they had the chance to cause too much of an impact.

With the ability to drop in on any part of the table the Blood Angels were always going to pop up with at least one unit in my rear.

But I managed to keep most of my focus on what was in front of me all the same.

And, after disgorging my transported troopers, I managed to destroy his dreadnought, a unit that also happened to be his only psyker.

One drawback of this edition of the rules is that characters do not join other units.  This means that when setting up charges, Coronasan had to first charge a unit into combat then roll again and hope that the character also made it in.  If not, they would be out of range for the benefits that they were chosen to provide.

Twice in the early part of the game the units made their charges and the characters just sat at the back and watched…

Without their planned benefits, the units were easier to destroy, and the character was left looking somewhat lonesome.

Throughout the game my main problem was that my Poxwalkers (plague zombies to the uninitiated) and Typhus (think lord and master of all Poxwalkers) only managed to move about 4″ a turn.  They were such a slow unit that I would head towards an enemy, only for it to be dealt with before my arrival.

Thankfully my other troops were proving quite resilient.  They stood up to the successful charges of the Blood Angels, in most cases holding their own against the elites.

If my Poxwalkers were ineffective, and had an uneventful showing, and my basic Plague Marines were the solid players of the day.  My Hellbrute proved himself to be the star of the show.  By turn 4 we had a few victory points each, mostly from holding objectives and killing specific units.  By turn 5 he had won the game for me, taking out the Blood Angels main tank for a much needed last victory point.  He was finished off in the end by a late charge from Coronasan’s Death Company, just before they too were destroyed by my slowly advancing forces.

A good game for me, but I suspect that Coronasan will be looking at how to get his charge dice to be more reliable for next time.

Warhammer 40,000 – Death Guard Prep

It would seem that having a game planned is the only thing that focuses my mind these days. Nothing else seems to manage to get me to do some work. After our recent Steam Wars game, Coronasan and I chatted about what games we had been neglecting for the last few months, and decided that it was high time we pulled Warhammer 40K off the shelf again.

I have a few options when I comes to this game.  One of those options, that I have not used for quite some time, are my Death Guard Chaos Space Marines. As I have more than a few pieces for this army, sat on the shelf awaiting some paint, I decided that playing with this army might help me get a few more pieces done.

As time was short, I decided on limiting the number of new bits to be painted to one large tank. To keep things fresh and new though, I made a concerted effort to get some of the units I don’t play too often, back on a table.

I haven’t played a single game of 8th edition 40K so far with a Rhino APC on the table. So, this time round I decided that this had to be included.  It holds 10 men so my seven Plague Marines could be accompanied by my (proxied) Noxious Blightbringer and Malignant Plaguecaster.  Such wonderful names they have…

A second unit of seven Plague Marines is accompanied by a Helbrute and my newly finished Plagueburst Crawler.

As you can never have enough Plague Marines, a third unit of seven finishes up this 75 power list, along with Typhus and a unit of 20 Poxwalkers.

As for work actually done with a paintbrush, I’ve had the basic colours done on the Crawler for about 6 months now, so finishing it off was only a 45 min job in the end.  Nothing special here other than the liberal use of rust and oxide.

The Rhino was bought on eBay a while back, and was already painted as shown.  All I did was look to see what I could kit it out with in the codex, and then dig through the bits box for the relevant parts.  Here I have added a Combi-Bolter and a Combi-Flamer to the original Havoc Launcher, making this into a pretty tooled up tank in the end…

As ever, this is not likely to be a tournament winning army list. That’s never an issue for me though as it is not why I play these games.  Winning is nice, but the story that the game tells is as much a part of playing as anything else, don’t you think?

Warhammer 40,000 – Death Guard

Ebay seems awash with these at the moment, and as so many are out there, they are at an almost reasonable price in most cases…

The Myphitic Blight-hauler was available with a recent Conquest 40K Magazine, and as lots of the magazine collectors are selling off these figures, it is now easily found for much less than GWs retail price of £15.  I picked up these three recently for about £8-10 each.

Three you say?  Oh yes, three is the magic number, as with three you get all the benefits from the “tri-lobe” rule in the Death Guard Codex.  Now, if you are into, or even vaguely understand, Warhammer 40K it might sound wonderful when I say this sort of thing but in all honesty they just looked lonesome by themselves…

More unpainted miniatures for the ‘To Do’ pile…  And I thought I was doing so well…

Warhammer 40,000 – Gellerpox Infected Kill Team

With two or so Kill Teams completed to a playable state, it’s time to decide what to do next.  I really do need to play a few games the the teams that I have before I know what to tweak or add to the teams.  I have a few figures already side lined for those teams, selected from the odds and sods section of my collection.

While I get those game played though, I don’t want to be wasting my time doing nothing.

Therefore, its clipping, trimming and building time…  Coronasan split the Rogue Trader set with me (well he left them here for me to fall in love with. All the time knowing I would be a sucker for some brilliant new Nurgle inspired sculpts).

This Kill Team is a set of larger and smaller models. Representing the infected engineering room crew of a deep space explorer.  That, and the collected vermin found in the bulges of any long adrift vessel.  The biggest are these Nightmare Hulks. Lending a level of muscle to a kill team that has little or no shooting to speak of.

Led by Vulgrar Thrice-Cursed, on the right above, this chap being the conjoined remains of the chief engineer and his two first mates.  These have some nice touches that, although space travellers, feature sea creatures with almost C’thulhu like overtones.

The mid sized guys are the Vox-Shamblers, a bunch of mutated crewmen. Lesser souls that are now part man, part machine and wholly plague zombies…

Glitchlings (on the left) and Sludge Grubs (on the right) make up one half of the hordes of massed dross.

Eye Stinger Swarms (on the left) and Cursemites (on the right) finish off the horde of little gribblies that should distract, if not damage, my opponents kill team.

Now that these are built I wonder when I will get round to undercoating them.  Not the best time of year for using a spray can.  Might be time to unravel the Airbrush from the accumulated rubbish that has gathered under my desk…

Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knights Army Photos, Just Because I Can

Its too hot to paint in the shed again and, as they are about to go into their boxes, I thought some of you would appreciate a group shot and rundown of the new Imperial Knights Army.

An army that only took me about 3 weeks to complete…  An astounding pace for me…

Two caveats on this post 1) The lighting is poor in the shed in the mornings but you get the idea.  2) I have not used these in an actual game so the effectiveness of their load out and battlefield role is my best guess at present…

Knight Gallant: A close combat monster with missile launcher (to be fired on the way in).

Knight Crusader: A shooter that can put out a huge number of mid to long range shots from its pair of cannons. Also mounting an anti-aircraft gun on its carapace, as I just know that a few flyers will be headed my way as opponents.

Knight Armiger Helverins: Agile long range shooters to lend support to their bigger brother.

Knight Paladin: An all rounder that can close with the enemy or stand off and shoot.  Again with a AA mount on its carapace (until I can source a second set of missiles).

Knight Armiger Warglaives: A pair of close combat attack dogs.  I suspect these will be useless against troops in units above 5 men strong but will happily dismantle any Space Marine Terminators or vehicles they come across.

As a bit of added flexibility, my Knight Gallant is also playable as a cleaner, less corrupted, brother to my original, Nurglesque, Knight Errant: A Renegade Knight that sports an AA mount on his carapace and enough heavy fire power to burn through, or crush, any other heavy vehicle he manages to get close to…

Random Free War Dogs

I don’t buy many magazines these days. Even the mighty White Dwarf fails to attract me as I can’t get past all the adverts that make it more of a monthly sales catalogue.  You guys provide me with as much ‘new and shiny’ stuff as I need these days (and most of it doesn’t even need to be new…)  I did buy a magazine this month though, as it had a free figure sprue on the front of it…

I was wandering about on the Warcradle Studios website looking at their Wild West Exodus range when I noticed they had a free figure on the front of the June edition of Miniature Wargames. The free miniature mentioned was this set of two K9 Gun Dogs.

Pressed in very BRIGHT orange plastic it was a pain to prime using a standard rattle can. The vivid orange of the plastic was still visible in the deepest recesses even after three or four passes with a standard can of paint. I was at the point of obscuring the details on the flatter surfaces when I gave up, and tried to ram some primer colour on an old paintbrush into these areas to hide the last of the orange.

I would suggest you paint before building if you manage to get hold of these guys after reading this…

Even when finished I can still see orange in the deepest areas but only because I know its there…

I armed them with a Gatling cannon and Flamer but only because I wanted to save the third option, a missile launcher, option for use on a Gaslands car.

Scale wise they are quite big so they could be fielded individually in an existing unit, as an added support option, or as a small vehicle by themselves.  I have no firm plans for them as yet, but I did base them to match either my Nurgle 40k Army, the Steam Wars Martians or my Scrappers Crew…