Warhammer 40,000 – Nurgle Fly Boys

I have been trying to keep my painting on track by letting myself do units for each side of the Nurgle force as evenly as I can.  This unit will get done in time and will fill three slots in the end.  It will be in both chaos 40K armies and also fits nicely in the old insect (snails and worms) Dragon Rampant army.

I started with a pack of 3 of these plague drones and undercoated their bodies weeks ago.  Only when I picked up a further 3 figures, to flesh out the unit size, did I realise just how many fly wings that would leave me to paint.

That said, it should be a good looking unit when its finished. The stats in the Index don’t leave me to enthusiastic about their effectiveness in a game though.  We’ll see in time I guess…

Warhammer 40,000 – Assimilating New Purchases To The Cause

I have been cracking on with the Nurgle force and added a few new fellows to the army.  This time its chaps from the Death guard legion.  I could hardly stay away from Space marines in a 40K force now could I (even if they are chaos space marines..?)

These are the older (and in my opinion nicer) sculpts, rather than the new Death guard plague marines from the new starter set.

These were a collection that I found on eBay, so are not my paint jobs.  By just changing the bases to fit in with my existing figures they have been inducted into the force.

Being particularly rugged units of 5 of these guys should be ok.  I may change that in time though as it might take me a game or two to see what works best.

This force has the potential to spiral out of control and I suspect I may end up with two Nurgle based armies.  Chaos space marines and Daemons.  It should allow me to mix and match though (that’s what I keep telling myself).

Warhammer 40,000 – Larger Unit Sizes – The Need For Movement Trays

A month this time…  I seem to have been kept away from a keyboard for far too long.  Coronasan looked aghast at me when I said that I hadn’t turned my PC on for that long last time I mentioned it.  That said, he has at least 1 machine turned on and ticking over 24 hours a day I believe.  I have to get mine out and onto a table before I can type something…

That does not mean I haven’t been busy in the shed.  In fact I plan to use that as the excuse for not visiting you all for the last 30 days.  We have had our longest run on a single game system in a while I believe.  Warhammer 40K 8th edition is still our new guilty pleasure and I for one am pleased to be, once again, back in the grim dark future.

Some of these posts have sat in the draft folder for the last 30 days, so if it sounds like I don’t know what I planned to say about them, it is probably a sign of my failing memory…

Needless to say I never thought I would need movement trays for 40k.  That was before Plague bearers and Pox walkers.  Units of 5 or 10 Space marines are easy to move about in a skirmish game like 40k.  Now I have a Chaos army I have to contend with units of 20-30 of these buggers.

So out come the movement trays and, yes, that means yet another thing that will need painting…

Warhammer 40,000 – Nurglings, Testing A Colour Scheme

Like a lot of people I suppose, I appreciate when I can get more than I expected for my money.  My girls just call me tight fisted but I like to think I am just being economical with my money.  I suspect I am not alone in making a box of Nurglings go that little bit further by putting less on each base.

I managed to get a box of Nurglings that were supposed to fill three bases (by adding any spare Nurglings from the sprues of other sets I had etc) to fill six bases.

Chuffed was me…

It does mean I have twice as many to paint up now so not all a big win.  The first base I painted up was done as a one off.  This was to see if I can get a quick and easy method together that I can then use on the remainder of the army.

It needs to be simple, quick and be a close match the Dragon Rampant army that makes up the other half of this force.  I spent too much time on extra washes and base colour variation when I painted that army.  I know I can get the same, or a similar effect, with 2 or 3 less parts to the process.

Nurglings done, and in half the time it took to do the older process.  Not a bad match and a slightly cleaner finish too (not that a Nurgle army wants to be clean…)

Now to replicate that 5 more times for the bases of Nurglings.  Only then will I have to start on the huge pile of Nurgle that seems to be building up at the back of the shed…

Warhammer 40,000 – Real Daemons Of Nurgle

My Dragon Rampant force is a good solid start to my Nurgle force but you knew I would not hold out long before buying more stuff for it.  In this instance I found a good cheap deal on a Start Collecting box and just thought that it must be fate.

Plague Bearers and Nurglings are always useful, if only to truly set the theme of the army.  This set of Plague Bearers I have made up with the command group any others I pick up along the way I will likely make up as a filler for the unit, so just to boost them up to 20 or 30 models.

I suspect a couple of Heralds of Nurgle will be guaranteed picks in the finished force, as Chaos Characters can summon my other Daemons onto the battlefield, meaning they don’t have to walk through a bullet storm to get to the enemy…

The box also contains a unit of Plague Drones, again I made these with full command, as I have a second set already, that I plan to use to bring the unit up to 6 miniatures.  I have no idea if these are any good or worth the points.

Finally, I now own two Foetid Bloat Drones. The first is made, and now undercoated, the second awaits my attention.  Slightly ‘off theme’ as its Nurgle but can be found in the Chaos Space Marine list of my Index not the Daemon section.  With both the Nurgle and Daemon keywords I am hoping some of the Daemon linked abilities may give these guys a boost.  If not, they are still likely to get used, as they will be one of the very few shooting units I can field.

Now, I must get some painting done…