Never a copper about when you need one…

Early March 2013. A friend emailed me to let me know about a new Kickstarter campaign that was being run by West Wind Productions. What is it with friends justifying their own purchases by getting someone else to buy in too?

Empire of the Dead was getting a new lease of life and would include lots of new factions and new rules. Of course I was not able to resist. I was however a little new to the whole Kickstarter thing and didn’t know what to expect. I bought in at a reasonable level and sat back to wait for the campaign to close and to get my product. The wait lasted until November of the same year. I learned later that this is a swift turn about for a Kickstarter, as another game I bought into, Heroes of Normandie, took a whole year to come through in the end.

I have to state here that both have been well worth the wait…


To bide my time as I awaited the fulfilment of the campaign, a campaign that provided more extras than I could ever have expected, I picked up a few London bobbies and a town mob deal that provided me with more civilians than I would ever need. My trusty matt varnish again deposited a slightly frosty tone on the test models, to my dismay… I am still trying to find out what causes this on the odd few figures…


I had chosen to invest in the West Wind Kickstarter for the chance to get my hands on a new Peeler faction known as, Supernatural Branch, including the boys from, Hell Division. These were a police force that sported all kinds of toys to deal with supernatural troublemakers. Net guns, Gatling guns and mechanical guard dogs being the best bits!



By the time all the bits came through we had found a new passion in place of Empire of the Dead. These guys were, however, special enough to be painted up forthwith and a special game laid on in the cramped city in their honour.


That cramped city was growing thanks to the VBCW range by Warbases. Post office, shop and pub were added along with their Flemish house. All work well with each other and I think that they fit the style I was searching for from the start. Posters add to the flavour and a few more items, to add to the imagery, would be seen on the table in time.


Some of these guys friends have been seen recently on my painting table as not all were painted up first time round.

Next up, we discover Bolt Action!

A Tale Of Two Warbands. The Saga Continues…

We wanted more. I wanted more. I was too lazy to paint more (and anyway, my painting would never match the great job Felix had done already.)


Enter the new painter for hire… A local chap with a steady hand and a love of painting that I could never have matched. eBay user zulu1870.


A great painter and a nice chap to boot. Not his usual style of painting but he kindly found time to accommodate me, and the new figures stand out as great miniatures while still fitting the original warband’s style if combined into a larger force.


All we needed now was a rule set to get us started. War and Conquest was the game that caught our eye. Exactly how we expected a big battle rulebook to be, hard backed, full of glossy images and reassuringly expensive but with a large online resource already available, ensuring we would have army lists to use from the start.


Sadly we never got any further with this little venture. Mustering such a large force and finding time to paint it proved too much for some of us and we never got things off the ground. I still use the warbands for the occasional game of Saga. And we used them to help with the playtesting of The Valhalla Sagas (finally published as Valhalla). I would still love to get them out on the table for a big bash at some point…

It would seem that skirmish games have their benefits, and the ease of collecting a skirmish force in preference to a main army is obvious to me now. I will get my big game but will have to wait a little longer it would seem.

Menoth Warband

Menoth Warband As I’ve already told you about our short foray into Warmachine, it seems only fitting to show you where I got to. One Warcaster and his retinue.

Enough to play, and enjoy, this very different game. I had plans to expand the force with some Zealots, for a extra troops option, and I even picked up a few more heavy war jacks to add to the mix. All these extras got undercoated, but were never fully finished.

One of the reasons for starting this blog is to try and direct my focus. If this works out I will be aiming to complete and display each new army I start. It may also push me to revisit some of the older models that I have started and never completed.


Let’s hope…

What came first?

I’ve been thinking back to what was first seen on the painting table when I got the shed finished and what was played most at that time…



These guys are likely the first to be seen when the grand opening was done…

We had just discovered Malifaux and as usual we all started with a buy in at starter pack level.  Not a game we played for long but some great little figures for painting. If I’m honest, they have probably been out more often as an Empire of the Dead Gentleman’s Club crew than anything else.