Scrappers – First Crew Started

So, after owning the book since it came out, we got to play scrappers for the first time recently.  First impressions are good and a little more play will likely secure it as a go to game for quick and dirty gunfights.  Even after just the one game we were left thinking armour is a key requirement in this game.

Before I could play though I needed a crew.  These guys have been sat on the shelf of shame for far too long and it was nice to get them started at least.

My crew is a band of mutant Freelancers, all themed on animal traits (at first anyhow). They are a mix of figures that I have shown off before. Some are Hasslefree miniatures, some from the Rogue Stars range and a couple of Mantics Deadzone figures. The odd chap out is Tinboy Tim their trusty synthetic service bot (an Astropolis figure by Lead Adventures).

First finished were the Hasslefree chaps and Tim. Simple colours this time as these guys are the professionals in the team and therefore not wanting to be shot up because of any gaudy space suits.

The next guys might get a slightly brighter or more exotic colour choice.

New Rogue Stars/ Scrappers Crew

As the weather outside is less than perfect for undercoating, and as I haven’t been motivated to paint any of my prepped miniatures, I have been basing and cleaning up these lads.

They fit nicely together even though they come from three different manufacturers.

Steve is my favourite by far. A platypus in a space suit is always going to get noticed.

Add in a bionic eye and what’s not to like…

The Chipster is next in my order of likes.  Both have body armour and very big guns so these guys are likely to make up the central combat aspect of any crew.

Tech support and robot lackey.  Lots of options for game specific skills and abilities here.

More armour and guns.  A crew is always going to need more guns.

If they don’t get used soon for Rogue Stars then they are likely to feature as a mutant crew for Scrappers.

Scrappers was my only Salute purchase of new rules.  The latest Osprey book to be released (this time in hardback format so not one of their numbered blue ‘wargames’ rules).  It features a Post Apocalypse setting and uses between a 3 and 15 man crew in a campaign based system.  Not read as yet as I want to keep focussed on the games we are playing and not be distracted but that is unlikely to last long…