Steam Wars – Infantry For Our First Game Finished

Time for a glamour shot.  My newly painted Martian Infantry in all its glory.  Elite caste controllers and Sanwar slave infantry. All painted in less than 2 weeks…

Lets not mention the 2 years this has been in the planning stages or the remaining 4-5 units that have yet to get started…

This lot are about 450 points of a 1000 point Steam Wars force planned for our April 4th game.

Add in the already painted Mechanical infantry and the points jump to about 650 points. Mechanical troops are unreliable, and their programming often glitches, so they get a large points reduction in the game.  This is mostly due to the possibility of them not acting in every game turn.

That leaves me with about 350 points still sat on the painting table in the form of these three Martian Tripods.  I guess I had better pull my finger out and get these walkers done, as its only a few days before they are supposed to be striding across a table and using their heat rays to turn the Victorian British forces to carbon like dust…

Terminators, From Mars… I’ll Be Back 

So, the Terminators are done.  Strange how some projects get done quicker than others.  My strong liking of these figures helped somewhat.  I suspect that the 3 colour paintjob also helped get them done so quickly. Looking at them, I probably spent more time on their bases than on the figures themselves.

Martian cracked earth bases tie them in with the existing forces. When I get time to paint up some of the Martian Tripods I might even get a game or two in.

The Terminator Crawlers were even quicker as they didn’t even get bases.

2 squads of 5 Endoskeletons and 1 squad of 5 Crawlers (likely to be used as replacement figures if I can talk Coronasan into ruling the endoskeletons up as difficult to kill).

Cheap easy and looking good even with my poor painting skills.

Terminators, From Mars…

Since Xmas, the guys at Warlord Games have been putting on a lot of sales… Many have passed me by with no interest at all.  One was so good it would have been silly to refuse!

Their Terminator Genisys game was discounted for a few weeks from £70 to £20. Its still on sale (at the time of writing this) at £35 so remains good value.

27 plastic figures and 1 metal for £20, can’t be sniffed at, and you get the rules and other bits, like dice, as well.

For me the £20 was spent especially for 10 Terminator Endoskeletons (with very big guns) and 5 Terminator Crawlers (just need some rules writing to use them in Steam Wars now – Coronasan over to you!)

Yes, they are not very Steampunk. Yes, they are so recognisable that they couldn’t be anything else but Terminators. Yes, they are too heavily armed for Steam Wars.

I don’t care…  They will get red, cracked Martian earth, bases and be used in my Martian Forces. Somehow they will fit.

Why?  Because I like them…