Steam Wars – New Stuff From Black Pyramid

Black Pyramid have been the main supplier for my Steam Wars force since I started it some months back.

Their new figures are now available and fit in perfectly as the Marines attachment to my Naval Ratings force.  Having no heavy weapons in these squads will make them cheaper in points and should also supply some extra objective grabbing feet to the force.

Some new commanders are also a good addition to any force and will be used to allow me some much needed rerolls for pinning tests in our Steam Wars game…

Their new product line is also soon going to include a beautiful new steam ship and a lovely ironclad.  With that many new ships available I am going to be needing lots of my newly designed deck guns.

Using Black Pyramids own artillery set I have run up these two new prototypes for use on a variety of ships decks that might come along.

I have stated before that I am not what you would call a scratch builder…  I am more of a scrap builder…

Most of the bits these are made from are off cuts from MDF buildings and other bits of things that should have been thrown away.

I also continue to have very little planning to my builds. Most often I find that its trial and error that gets me this far.

Add in some nail art gems and plastic off cuts of tube… Then throw in the odd bit of broken washing line…

I never know how it will turn out in the end, but it usually turns out ok.

These deck gun mountings have been built without the guns attached. Then the option is available to cast them up and reproduce them in either resin or metal.

I am making more mounts in the same way for the other guns that are made by Black Pyramid. All will be constructed in the same random way but will be done so that casts can be taken as I may need multiples of each at some point.

I like the way they look at the moment but suspect I will tinker with them some more before I call them done.

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