Salute Statue Number Two

I am into quick paint jobs and easy wins at the moment. If I could, I would paint this way more often, but occasionally a proper paint job is required I guess.

Queen Victoria has presided over a number of the battles fought across the greens and squares of quaint English towns in our games.

She was recently joined by this trio of world war one soldiers allowing the town to be more European rather than rooted in the Empire.

This young lady, a star of the Red Army, gives me a slightly more eastern feel to my town.

Or, I might just plonk her on the plinth as a change from the other two, every now and then…

If I can find a couple of other plinth styles, I may just be able to field all three scenic statues on the same table.  Wouldn’t that be lovely!

Scrappers – More Dog Faced Crew And Another Salute Statue

Another couple of items picked up at Salute, actually the first items I bought that day, are a pair of futuristic dogs from Hasslefree.  They got put together recently when I was doing about 3 or 4 other small jobs at the same time in the shed. If you tell the lady of the house that I can multi task I will never hear the end of it so, Hush!

I also dug out another older Salute figure, to get the statue treatment, while I was doing this years set. It proves I can be quite efficient with my time when I want to as well…

Hasslefree do a number of anthropomorphic animals (a posh term for animals in human poses – but only if I got the word right…)

These two are the same character in 2 differing guises.  I will be cheating and using them as a set of twins…  The first is Elite Smudgester with his ‘BFG’ (I will let you guess what that stands for) and a cigar and Zippo lighter.

The second is the alternate Smudgester, this time with a Pulse Carbine.  Both went together easily and had few, if any, mould lines or areas of flash to clean up.

Another clean and crisp miniature is the 2017 Salute figure. Supplied to the show last year by Warlord Games.  Soon to get the bronze statue treatment along with this years figure.

Salute Figure Statue

Salute usually distracts me from all the projects I am attempting to complete in the shed.  This year is no exception although we returned home without any ‘new game’ to pull our focus too far away from our planned games.

It also guarantees at least one figure will return home with me. Usually one I will never find a use for.  This year the Salute free figure is a small diorama of 3 WWI soldiers.  Such a nice piece should get some use, so I plan to get something done with it, super quick, before the urge leaves me.

I have a number of scenic pieces that I use in games, as objectives or centre pieces, for town squares etc.  Statues are great for these pieces.

One of my favourite so far is my gift shop statue of Queen Victoria. She is not attached to her plinth so I should be able to mount the new Salute figures on this as an alternate topper.

Size isn’t too bad, and a quick brass, tarnish and bird poo paint job shouldn’t take me too long.

I will look out for an alternate, rectangular plinth, but for now this base should get it some table top use.

I may even revisit some of the other Salute figures I have in the bits box and see if they will pass muster as statues for other periods…

Salute 2017. 

As I have stated before, Salute in London is one of those shows we always tend to try to attend, and usually sets us on a new path.  This us most likely due to the number of new releases that various companies try to time to coincide with this show.

This years show seemed slightly less well supported. The crowds of people were just as big but a couple of names we expected to see were missing from the trader lists.  One company that was in attendance was TTCombat.  This is the manufacturing arm of The Troll Trader, a large wargame store based in Cornwall but with a heavy internet presence.  Under the TT brand they produce some very reasonable MDF terrain and had a few items I had been waiting to pick up.

These bus shelters were not on my list but came home with me all the same.

They are a great example of what TTCombat are trying to do with added textures and designs that are a mix of traditional MDF, card stock and Perspex.  I have built many MDF kits over the years and have usually painted them when completed.  I now find myself having to plan these builds, as the added levels of detail often mean that I have to paint more and more of them before I put them together.

I haven’t bought many figures at salute in the last 3 years but this year that changed.  These Lead adventure divers are perfect for my Steam Wars Navy force and the mechanics are likely to get used for a number of eras.

Scenery always gets noticed, especially when it is a novel idea like control panels.  These kits look like they might be more difficult to put together than I initially suspect as the control surfaces are likely to need some detailed attention and again the inclusion of Perspex parts means any sprayed layers are likely to need doing before construction starts.

These however need no construction and will be just as challenging in their detail painting.

These two Lead Adventure figures should fit anything from Steam Wars to Rogue Stars.

On the theme of Rogue Stars, these are Northstar figures and designed by them especially for the game itself.

Keeping with the Animal or Alien theme Hasselfree launched the next two figures just before Salute so were fresh in my mind.  Steve is an evolved Duckbilled Platipus

And the Chipster is their great little humanoid bulldog.  Both figures are perfectly cast and well modelled. The only down side is that I suspect I will not do them justice with my painting.

I did pick up some more bits from Salute, including a large bag of figures from Black Scorpion Miniatures, but that can wait until I find time to post again…

Campaign 2016

I have again had the pleasure of attending a wargames show run by one of our local game groups.

Campaign 2016 was held in Milton Keynes shopping centre again and, although small, is a good show that I try to attend every year if I have the chance.

It is an opportunity to support a local group and also a number of local traders.  Products For Wargamers is an internet seller and show trader from Milton Keynes.  Jim sells a wide and expanding range of items. As my 6mm army is now nearly finished I picked up a couple of his smaller trees, as a couple more will be useful for our planned 6mm games.

He also had a deal on fences and walls so I picked up some more railings.

They fit in nicely with my Warbases stuff but I may want to drybrush them with a bit of silver to help them fit in better.

His wall ranges also include some more modern, almost Sci-Fi looking, walls that should fit in with my DeadZone scenery.

All this lot came in at under £2 a piece.  A good deal for ready made scenery.

The only miniatures I came home with were these SHQ Victorians.  They are based on the Flashman stories, and as I have a cricket pavilion on the painting table, a chap in cricket pads was a must.

A good show, if quite small, and well worth a visit if you are nearby.



Salute – The largest one day wargaming convention of the year…

A must attend event for a whole lot of people. Visited by the most discerning of Englishmen and with an ever increasing international audience judging by the range of voices and haircuts I was exposed to this year. A yearly tradition almost.

This time I almost missed it though…  It was planned months in advance that we would all go down to Excel in one car spread the cost of parking (a cost that could lead to the re-mortgaging of ones home if done alone).  Then, 12 hours before the go, disaster strikes…

A Polo… One harmless looking, traditional English sweet, and I find myself in agony and despair.  The combination from hell: A broken tooth, done at 6pm with no dentist open to call upon, and worst of all, just before a meal out… Was my plan unravelling?

NO!  The trusty NHS comes through with an emergency dentist, opening on a Saturday morning at 07.50.  Oodles of pain relief and a pair of pliers later, I no longer have a broken tooth (I feel like I have a gaping hole in my head but no matter, Salute will distract me…)

I missed my lift but arrived only an hour or so behind.  I re-mortgaged the house and parked the car, then ventured in to see what good things were on show.

I was thankfully unaware of my drooping visage and dribbling (due to the continuing numbness in my face, not my normal response to new toys).  However, I didn’t find it too much trouble, crowds parted at my ghastly approach, so it did some good.

The drugs may have taken some sensibility from me as I purchased some items not on my list and missed some that I had planned to pick up. Quite how I came home with a submersible instead of a martial tripod heaven only knows…

Some items, like these new buildings by Sarissa Precision will have to be on next years list as they were only prototypes and not yet available.  In fact, their stand was the only one that I took a camera out at (again I blame medication not absentmindedness).

By 3pm I was about as coherent as a camel in the arctic.  With the pain relief wearing off and a face sized hole in my mouth I took my leave of the guys and headed home.  Happy with my purchases (not that I could remember at the time what I had bought) and content I had not missed out.

Needless to say, my womenfolk had no sympathy on my return home. Before I left they had informed me I would probably feel slightly poorly if I went, and had suggested that I ‘miss the show this year’.

I am that dedicated (foolish you may say) soul who knows that Salute is always worth the effort.