A Fistful Of Kung Fu, Without All The Kung Fu.

We managed to fit in a quick game or two of Fistful of Kung Fu recently. We seem to be playing the game more as a 70-80s gangster/police TV show, instead of in the planned Hong Kong movie style. I have to say though, that it seems to lend itself well to any over acted, movie based, period.

Using a 3×3 foot table and keeping the gang points to about 300 made it fast and bloody.


I got a chance to try out some of the smaller bits of new scenery I have picked up recently, as well as getting the warehouse out again. The roof is as unfinished as expected but is likely to get some love soon so watch this space…


I must paint those die cast trucks I bought or the table will look like a black and white movie soon.


Picked up a cheap 4×4 and caravan in the local pound store. Not quite to scale (modern 1/43 cars are a bit BIG).


Dug out my old, and long out of print, Battlefield Evolution figures from Mongoose Publishing for this game, as I still can’t find a suitable 70-80s style gang that makes me happy as yet.


Plenty of cover and props to activate (translate that to trash cans to dump on peoples heads and shelves to topple on the bad guys)


We played the complications and VIP rules for these games too.  These can range from good old fashioned zombie invasions to spreading fires on the table.


The more observant of you may have spotted some new large and small wheelie bins (trash cans to my American audience) and a large skip. These are the Lasercut Card, Urban Scatter items.  Currently undercoated in silver (the only full spray can I had at the time…)  More on these later.

We are still enjoying this fine little game, and with the painting and construction in the shed again focused on scenery, I suspect this will continue for some time.