Ronin First Impressions And First Game

I picked up a couple of new games for myself at Warfare.  One of those has had its first outing recently.


Ronin is one of the Osprey range of books and focuses on the samurai age.  Its a simple game and easy to pick up.  You only need about 5 figures to get started and our games lasted from 30min to about an hour.


A 3 foot by 3 foot table is ample for a game and it is very scenery lite. My Wolsung figures worked while I try to find some real samurai to use.


The game has a selection of scenarios in the back and each is very different allowing for a range of play styles.

The combat system is the part of the game that stands out immediately. It is the most novel and interesting part of this game for me. In very basic terms, Attack and Defence are balanced by the player selecting where the emphasis is placed in each and every round of combat.

A lower grade figure can stall a more powerful figure by defending all the time and a gang of minions can gang up on another figure generating enough attack power to overwhelm the enemy. (That said, the enemy in question can play defensive and stall all the others but at the sacrifice of not hitting back…)


I think it will get some good play over the next few months and gives me the perfect excuse to put together some new oriental scenery.