Steam Wars – Heavy Infantry

I started this post last month it would seem.  Then got busy again and I didn’t get back to the blog again until now.  I looked at my site info recently and I am definitely a burst blogger if there is such a thing.

Mad rush – 7-8 posts in one hit…

Embarrassed pause – 7-8 weeks with nothing.

Good job I don’t drink that way!

When last I posted something I had just added the Cap to the Steam Wars Naval force.  He worked well as a solo hero, better than expected even, but he gets lonely out there as a single heavy infantry/ close combat fellow.

So, time to add some options and give him some friends…

First up AT-43 UNA Tac Arms.  My plan is to repaint them in a suitably metallic colour and change one of the under arm laser cannons for something with a more grinding or cutting type edge.  Maybe even a concussive option…  As I say, still planning.

Next up, AT-43 Karmens.  These guys come with heavy armoured suits and fish bowl helmets…  Does anyone else see that they are wearing almost perfect diving suits? …Anyone?  No?  Just me then.

Again, just at the planning stages but maybe some plastic ‘O’ rings front and sides, quick repaint that will hide the faces (I’m not being apeist but I am not ready for Victorian ape-men quite yet…)

So, lots of extra things to add the painting queue.

Latest and Best Buys.

Not much more on the gamimg or painting front to show you, so let me show you what has come along in the post lately.

IMG_1926 IMG_1925

First things first, these trucks turned up from an eBayer that I have seen a couple of items from before.  A friend went through a phase of buying Very British Civil War (VBCW) stuff which has never found a use to date. I have always wanted to populate the streets of my little town with vehicles and civilians so this goes some way to meeting that need, and at about £2-£3 each it made buying so many a no brainer.


My plinth from Hurlbat games has not made it any further along the painting queue, but now has a suitably statuesque personage on top. Queen Victoria arrived, again from eBay for a minimal fee.  Quite chuffed with the scale of her and after some bronzing she will be suitably situated for any game she is called to oversee.


The last item is a throwback to past games…  This is an AT43 UNA Fire Crawler.  Shown with a 1/48 scale KV-1 and 28mm figure.  She was sent from China (again eBayers in China provide a great service every time I order).  We don’t play any AT43 at the moment but I live in hope…