Spending All My Time Building Stuff, Not Much Painting.

I have been stuck at home again due to this viral chesty ‘thing’.  That, somewhat unsurprisingly, means that I have been very bored.  So I have spent a few moments every couple of hours popping out to the shed to see if it is remaining dry with all this changeable weather we are having at the moment.

One of the jobs I still haven’t had a chance to get to is undercoating the growing collection of bits lined up in the shed…  Rain and spray cans I have learned don’t go well together.  It does mean that the painting queue is longer than ever.

More Steam Wars Naval stuff awaits.  Two more roller bots and a submarine.  A host of Scheltrum divers and an Ironclad transport.

Too many Martians.  My nice harbour and jetty pieces.  The Steam ship (and ironclad top) that those nice boys at Black Pyramid gave me.

Plenty of Horizon Wars tiny tanks and Mechs.

So, I have made a bit of a start by getting even more bits into the queue.  Slowly building stuff and then putting it back on a shelf to wait for a dry day…

One interesting point…  I have managed to mislay a couple of wheels from one of my Ironclad flyers already. So, unless I find them, the second flyer will have to have some skids made up for it instead.

When the weather dries up, the Martians are currently foremost in the queue (at this time anyhow. That may well change…)

Oh, and one more thing to add to the queue.  This nice big Reaper Bones bin!

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