Dragon Rampant Painting Challenge – Week One

For a bit of a rest from painting Naval Units, and because Coronasan has been showing off his finished Rackham Dwarves for Dragon Rampant over on the Loft Full Of Lead, I have made the effort to finish off my own Dragon Rampant army.  I have also joined the Dragon Rampant Facebook Group Painting Challenge in hopes that this forces me to get them done.

After so long painting a mainly White and Grey army it is nice to get back to a more earthy scheme.  Started back in 2016 a number of these guys have been played in a few games but the remainder were never fully finished.  One reason was the need to complete some purchases (I cant ever find Reaper Bones Chthon Worms on ebay at sensible prices).  I have thrown caution, and my wallet, to the wind and stumped up for the remaining figures from a nice seller on ebay. So no excuse to finishing them now.

The other reason for the delay is not knowing how to paint the Mother Of All Worms…

She’s a huge Reaper Bones Monster called Mashaaf.

And I have no idea what to paint her like.

I guess I will just have to wing it though…

Her base alone is larger than most unit footprints in the army.  I have had to mount it on a couple of old CDs for strength and stability as the original bones base material is so soft it bends under the weight of the figure itself.

Slow progress in week one due to a few games being planned and a bit of work distraction.  Base colours on the large worms with wash to create shadows.  Then painting 300 spots or boils (or whatever they are) in a number of brighter colours.  Makes me think they have rolled in a tube of Smarties (or M and Ms if you are outside the UK).

Just base coats and quick wash done for the larger Scibor Snails though.

Next week should see these finished, I hope…

4 thoughts on “Dragon Rampant Painting Challenge – Week One”

    1. She is a beast. Only problem is I’ve base coated her in army painter spray and I have found that the paint won’t cure on the softer bones plastic… It does say that spray paint can do this on the Reaper website but I only read that after spray painting her… Dilemma time!


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