Dragon Rampant – Painting Challenge Week Two – Day Two

So, making a start on the big lady herself.  Under coated on day one and day two starts with me picking her up to find she is very sticky…

You can see from these photos that she remains VERY shiny.  When I hold her the primer feels soft and I am leaving fingerprints on her.  It would seem that my base coat of Army painter spray has not cured and dried.

I’ve never had this happen before.  The other bones miniatures that I have undercoated this way are all slightly sticky too.  However, as they are smaller and not coated so widely this is not an obvious issue.  This larger model however is causing me to feel nervous.

Off I trot to the Reaper website to see if this is a known issue.  It would seem I should have visited here first.  The bones material is a softer polymer and gives off a chemical that can cause some paints (sprays especially) to fail to cure.  Although, the website states that the Army painter range does NOT have this problem…

Oh Yes It Does!

I don’t think leaving this lady longer to dry is going to change anything, so I have to find a way of correcting this. Stripping her back and starting again is not an option I look forward to trying.

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