WarCry – Still Not Doing What I Should Be

Oh dear…

I am still not getting these finished as I have again been further distracted away from finishing these boys.

And this is the culprit.  WarCry the new skirmish game by Games Workshop.  A rulebook came my way, then a Corvus Cabal warband.

Then some Savage Orc profile cards. So I really did need to buy myself some Savage Orc figures I guess.

Luckily I had some Undead figures (who doesn’t have a bucket of old undead in their home?) so I guess it was fortunate that GW were selling some Legions of Nagash profile cards (skeletons to you and me) too.

As the Undead were almost all painted, and as I am never one to pass up an easy win, these would need to be finished first.

But because I have them now it would be wise to build a few Savage Orcs. Just to see how they go together.

Oh dear…  Am I sidetracking my sidetrack…

Tanks – The Little Things That Are Distracting Me From What I Should Be Up To

Guess what?


I am in the middle of something and I got side tracked again.


Blame Coronasan…  He suggested we try a game we have neglected for over a year now.

The Gale Force Nine – Tanks Skirmish Game.

So here I am painting 15mm tanks.  Varied German vehicles, as that way, I might someday have a small Axis world war two force I can use.

My first German tanks were done in a poorly applied camouflage. These I cheated and did in German uniform grey.  Maybe not too authentic but nicely cinematic.

There is something about the Stug that just appeals to me.

Against my bad camo they make the bad camo look even worse (I might be tempted to repaint a few tanks…)

All ready to go with my limited 15mm scenery selection…

Warhammer 40,000 – Big Weekend Game

Last weekend Coronasan and I finally managed to get together for a ‘proper’ game of toy soldiers.

Coronasan has been working hard to get a 6’x4′ gaming table together that is constructed from all of the MDF kits he has designed.

Pringle towers, Pringleless towers, Square towers and base boards, along with a whole heap of scatter terrain and even a dice tower.  Add in the large transporter, that he finished earlier this year, and you have a remarkable and hugely enjoyable table.

Even his Forgeworld Flyer came down off the shelf for this game.

When it’s all laid out this way, it’s enough to make a real impact.

It wasn’t too long though, before he took my mind off the scenery, by deploying a large unit of Grey Knight Terminators. My focus was quickly back on the game as, although my Death Guard are quite resilient, those guys throw out a lot of damage…

My proxy Plague Hulk had to climb its way across most of the table, ever hopeful that an enemy would come into its sights, and into range of its great iron claw.

My right was well protected by these three guys. Between them, they actually managed to clear away all of the first deployment of enemy units, before taking fire from Coronasan’s reinforcements.

The bulk of my basic troopers, along with their support units, had a long, slow trudge across the table though. They don’t run awfully fast with rotten limbs and blubber lolling all over the place.

One cinematic moment was Coronasan’s veteran jump troopers slowly rolling up my centre before being probed to death by my Greater Blight Drone.

In the end it was down to victory points, and I came out on top, although I had lost plenty of my own forces by that time.  My new Death Guard Terminators finally showed up near the end of the game, and managed to push back at the enemy, clearing away most of the final Imperial Resistance.

Final thought for the game… Coronasan and I still, even after this many games, fail to remember the myriad of special rules for each of our armies. Dementia or a boyish excitement that leaves us forgetting everything in our rush to enjoy the moment?

Steam Wars – Martians Taking To The Field (Or Our Night Out On The Town)

All good things come to those who wait (especially after a bit of hard work).  Our larger Steam Wars game came round soon enough and I was able to get quite a lot of my Martian force on the table for this game.

Mostly mechanical infantry, commanded by their Martian cephalopod overlords and supported by their Tripods.  I also wanted to try some Martian death worms, that would be burrowing away in front of the main army and hopefully pop up to munch on any Prussian Scrunts that they could get their grasping flesh hooks into.

The Prussian Scrunts had a slightly smaller force but consisted of a good mix of infantry and support units.  Oh, and let us not mention the Prussian Airships, as I only realised on the day that I had no weapons to combat them.  So be it, I would have to ignore them and focus on the remaining troops, and hope they would not be too disruptive.

After the first turn we had deployed onto the table and set up some lines of fire and placed some troops in hopes of some early charges.

My right flank appears overloaded as only the Prussian cavalry seem to want to venture over here.

My centre is also well stocked as the Prussians take to the buildings to gain some cover (or to plan an aerial assault).

My left was evenly balanced with the Prussians who fielded two infantry units here along with their heavily armoured HMG bike.

A bike that would pick away at me for most of the game and run off when ever I ventured forwards.

The Scrunt Jet Boys have always had my respect as they pack a fearsome punch when they get a clear charge to my vehicles.  I would go on to lose two or three tripods to their ministrations in this game.

My Exo-Suits proved their worth early on by ripping apart their first prey fairly easily.  For a small unit they pack a good punch (and are pretty good shooters too).

All in all a great game and some really nice scenery for such an eventful scrap to be played on.  My thanks to Coronasan for a great days gaming and a welcome break from repacking the new kitchen.

Warhammer 40,000 – Death Guard Vs Blood Angels

After a quiet weekend the planned game of Warhammer 40K came round quite quickly after all.  I set a fairly simple table up and we went at it using the escalation mission and a growing number of objective cards to gain our victory points.  Simply put, we had as many mission objectives as the turn number (turn 1 = 1 objective, turn 2 = 2 objectives… etc…).  In a way, as the game progressed, we had more choice of which mission objective to attempt but fewer troops with which to accomplish it!

Coronasan went for a jump pack heavy Blood Angels force with tank and dreadnought support. The jump troops dropping in as reserves throughout the first few turns of the game.  Their elite status making for a smaller force.

I went for a larger force, comprised of a large number of basic troops. I knew I would be slower on foot, so I took a Rhino APC to transport at least one of my units into the depths of the table if required.  Along with some longer range firepower and a couple of psykers I thought I might be able to pick off a few of the enemy before they had the chance to cause too much of an impact.

With the ability to drop in on any part of the table the Blood Angels were always going to pop up with at least one unit in my rear.

But I managed to keep most of my focus on what was in front of me all the same.

And, after disgorging my transported troopers, I managed to destroy his dreadnought, a unit that also happened to be his only psyker.

One drawback of this edition of the rules is that characters do not join other units.  This means that when setting up charges, Coronasan had to first charge a unit into combat then roll again and hope that the character also made it in.  If not, they would be out of range for the benefits that they were chosen to provide.

Twice in the early part of the game the units made their charges and the characters just sat at the back and watched…

Without their planned benefits, the units were easier to destroy, and the character was left looking somewhat lonesome.

Throughout the game my main problem was that my Poxwalkers (plague zombies to the uninitiated) and Typhus (think lord and master of all Poxwalkers) only managed to move about 4″ a turn.  They were such a slow unit that I would head towards an enemy, only for it to be dealt with before my arrival.

Thankfully my other troops were proving quite resilient.  They stood up to the successful charges of the Blood Angels, in most cases holding their own against the elites.

If my Poxwalkers were ineffective, and had an uneventful showing, and my basic Plague Marines were the solid players of the day.  My Hellbrute proved himself to be the star of the show.  By turn 4 we had a few victory points each, mostly from holding objectives and killing specific units.  By turn 5 he had won the game for me, taking out the Blood Angels main tank for a much needed last victory point.  He was finished off in the end by a late charge from Coronasan’s Death Company, just before they too were destroyed by my slowly advancing forces.

A good game for me, but I suspect that Coronasan will be looking at how to get his charge dice to be more reliable for next time.

Steam Wars – Airborne Assault Mission.

A first flight for the Assault Barges was always going to be on the cards.  From the point of starting to construct them, the project was destined to trigger an increased desire to play Steam Wars and get a few of my Naval Marines on the table.

The scene was set for the Navy to come up against one of Coronasan’s armies over the green hills and lush grass of an alternate Steampunk Earth.

The Mission was to get to the objective within 6 turns and what better way than to fly there, laden down with tough US Navy Crewmen and Marines.

Supported by a scout car and a pair of Gyrocopters it would be hard to slow their advance, or so I thought…

The objective was the fields behind the farmhouses at the other end of the table.

The people trying to stop me however, were actually not people at all. Coronasan took this opportunity to bring out his Mechanica Army for the first time and show off their true might.  The force was made up of all manner of robotic and mechanical marvels.  All led by a man in a flying iron suit and a mad scientist with accompanying hunched lackey.

All they had to do was hold the farm houses and stop my foot soldiers from getting boots on the ground behind the buildings.  As my forces advanced slowly into the fields in front of the houses, the Mechanica troops fanned out, ready to start taking shots at the Skyships.

It wasn’t long before their fire had caused enough damage to force me into disembarking my marines from the first Assault Barge.  She had taken almost all she could and I did not want her going down with all hands still onboard.

The second Barge was not far behind and as she unloaded her human cargo, they started the job of engaging with the strange robotic troopers.  The first casualties fell quickly and the confidence of the Naval Marines rose with such easy kills.

In a fit of overconfidence the flagship, laden with specialist assault troopers, also disembarked the majority of its forces and took out a further unit of robotic troopers.

It was at this point that the first of the assault barges, having safely delivered its charges, was finally destroyed by the Mechanica Fighter jets.

Being almost within spitting distance of the objective, confidence within the Naval force was riding high.  Then came the return fire of the robotic ground forces.  Not strong enough to destroy the well protected and dug in marines, it did however, start to have an effect.  The first line troopers in the centre became pinned and their momentum was slowed as they took cover.

In hopes of encouraging them forward the Command squad forged ahead in their skyship, planning to either draw their troopers along behind them, or take the objective themselves.

In the closing moments of the mission, as the clock was running out, a single Gyrocopter forged ahead. Unable to take the objective itself, its aim was to clear the way for the ground forces to move in.  After spending all game without a viable target, and surviving a hail of fire as it flew over the enemy forces. It unloaded its payload of bombs at the robots defending the objective…  And missed…

Needless to say, the Assault troopers were still stalled, just too far from the objective to make a difference.  Marine troopers began to fall on both flanks as the robotic forces pushed back and, in a last ditch effort, the command team rappelled down to claim the objective themselves.  The only chance the Navy had of completing their mission was to assault the robots hiding behind the last house.

And that was the moment I failed to capture on film.  Why you might ask?  To the great surprise of an exhausted audience, the robotic troopers managed not only to received their charge but managed to wipe their attackers from the face of that fair land.  Blood stained, but relatively unscathed, they had held the objective against a plucky effort to eject them.

All in all, this proved to be a great game, and a very cinematic climax to an eventful mission.  I will look forward to the next time my Barges have the opportunity to fly to war…

Steam Wars – A Game Planned And Some Barges Decked Out

When you come to read this I will have likely already had my first game using these Assault barges in Steam Wars.  I plan to try a full on airborne assault (well, almost fully airborne as I don’t have an airborne transport for any of my steam tanks as yet – Any ideas, on a postcard to the usual address).

When I started building these Barges I guessed that I would get six or so figures onboard if I also wanted a deck gun in place.  I can actually get two units of five marines, or ratings, onboard while still having room for a deck gun (I need to get hold of a few more crewmen that can be based on little 15-20mm round bases so as to not take up too much room.

The Oxford can take a much larger complement of marines.  Here she is, loaded with two units of six heavy boarders, as well as a large deck gun and a five man command squad.  Even will this lot onboard she could take another one or two units.

The second Barge matches the original with ten men and deck gun.

The main assault force totals 37 men (7 units of 5 or 6 men) and their three deck guns.

To support them, I have also allocated my two Gyrocopters to the force. One is tasked with eliminating armoured ground targets with its bombs, the other is tasked with providing close air support, as I know Coronasan will be bringing along plenty of fighter planes.

Finally the force is completed with the inclusion of an armoured scout car.  Fast moving, and tasked with  providing a level of mobile cover for the infantry when they make their initial assaults.  It also supplies, not only a light antitank gun, but also an additional AA capable machine gun to the force.

A fairly small force, due to the cost of my airborne carriers, I am hoping that their increased flexibility might make up for my lack of armoured vehicles.

We shall see how I fare…

Warhammer 40,000 – Kill Team Game

After a few games of Kill Team over at Coronasans on his new MDF industrial terrain it was time for me to host a game in the shed.

I went for a forest outpost as the games setting, and we used some old and new figures for the armies in the game.

Coronasan brought his freshly repainted Tyranids along.  These are truly ‘old hammer’ in my opinion and lovely models to boot.  Freshened up and deployed for the first time in many, many years, they were hungry from the start.

My Space Orks were there to defend the base and were desperately trying to stop the Tyranids from getting close enough to eat them.

Lets just say that I fed all the Grots to these giant aliens and it didn’t even give them indigestion…  A good number of larger Ork dinners later, they seemed a lot more settled…

Steam Wars – The Big Weekend

As if by magic, the big weekend number 2 was upon us.  Steam Wars was the planned game, and it was a game that we expected to take some time.  All the women folk were away and the curry was bubbling away on the stove.

Nothing but a cat or two would be able to distract us!

Coronasan had not been idle while I was prepping my forces.  He had been building and painting a mix of MDF buildings and sorting out a 2 foot sea section to add to his fancy new harbour boards.  In a week he had also managed to build a selection of harbour jetties and walkways that would enable my Navy to arrive in style.

My photos do not do things justice sadly but, as my first wave made landfall and the Navy fliers picked out their first targets, we were off.  The objective was for the Navy to push inland and find the ‘Secret Plans’ that the British Science Division had stashed in one of the taller buildings on the second half of the table.

I suspect that this would have made a lovely demo game for our local game show ‘Campaign’.  We might have to consider this again if we get the time and have the energy to plan it.

The Navy pushed inland and quickly found the British rushing to the towns defence.

A few easy targets were taken out by my Navy Air Corps before they tried to move further inland.

The second wave was already arriving on the next Landing Craft and it would begin to get crowded on the harbour if the navy didn’t push on into the town soon.

Both tanks and artillery were present in the second wave, along with a second HMG team in their little steam launch.

As the British formed up in the town square, their jump troopers forged ahead and prepared for an attack from the rooftops.

After making short work of one of the Biplanes, the jump troopers found their retreat to be more difficult as they became pinned down by Navy rifle fire.

All this activity and rushing about was unnoticed by the Heavy divers who continued to plod on up the stairs of the harbour. Slow and steady wins the race!

The Navy tried to push through on their right flank but found the way congested and a British steam tank did nothing to help this along.

With more reinforcements arriving it was getting quite busy on the old quayside.

More effort was made on the Navy’s left flank and at first it seemed a way through might be found.

When the roads are blocked it is sometimes best to head over the rooftops.

Especially when a giant armoured bear and a steam giant come round the corner to stand in your way.

The British deployed their own Royal Air Force as they tried to hold the centre of the town.

In the end the US Rocketmen were able to reach the target building and secure the plans.  While the remainder of the US Navy force continued to be tied up fighting in the streets.

A great game that I would happily play again although my tactics would definitely be different. The artillery units, in a raid like this, proved themselves to be more of a hinderance than a help.  Failing to supply any of the covering fire they had been tasked with.

Warhammer 40,000 – Big Weekend

As Coronasan’s whole female contingent had decamped to the US for 2 weekends we decided to get a couple of larger games in, while the cats were away as it were.

Weekend one was to be Warhammer 40,000 focused and would consist of a couple of games. One larger and one more normal in scale.

Weekend two would be a very large Steam Wars Game that we expected to take all day.

Coronasan has a report of the first fight we played on the first of our big weekends.  We pitted one Reaver Titan against all the Knights I could muster…

I started full of optimism and charged head long towards the mechanical behemoth. Only to find my knights dropping like flys as it swatted at them, and eventually flattened the last of them under its somewhat titanic feet…

A great little game and one we have talked about playing for years it seems…  Now ticked off the list for a while. At least until that itch needs scratching again!

The second game lasted slightly longer, but only just, as my Space marines (an Imperial Fist successor chapter) took on the Blood Angels.

My force was a fast detachment of jump troops and Landspeeders and an elite detachment of Terminators, Vanguard jump troopers and Sternguard riflemen.

With the Blood Angels having almost as many late deploying troopers as I did we expected the lines to be blurred from the start.  My terminators and their Librarian deployed behind the Blood Angels main line and the Blood Angels Jump Troopers and Terminators dropped behind my own troops.

It was down to weight of numbers in the end with the larger Blood Angels units carrying the day and clearing the smaller elite units out of their defensive positions fairly quickly.

My Vanguard were unable to charge due to some very poor dice rolling after they deployed.  Before they were even able to regroup, they were out flanked and wiped from the battlefield in only one turn.

Two losses in one weekend…  A major defeat but a good time had all the same.