Horizon Wars – Decal Details

As the Horizon Wars force infantry have been getting all the attention lately, I have decided to give the armoured units some extra detailing, to make then look a bit more finished.

Salute gave me the opportunity to pick up some Stars and Bars decals for my Steam Wars Naval force.  Those decals come in a range of sizes.  Some small enough to apply to 6mm scale figures.

The chest decals for the dreadnoughts are so small I don’t really know if I got them the right way up…  The look is what I wanted though.

With a red, white and blue colour scheme the decals are just right if a little obviously US in origin.

So welcome to the New United Federation of Colonies (AKA – ‘The NUF-C’).

At least any future additions to the force will have a theme and colour scheme to follow…

First Horizon Wars game planned for next week. Looks like I will be ready.

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