Steam Wars – Test Figures Painting

A real post this time I promise…

These guys were on the ‘to be constructed’ pile for far too long.  They are made from that nasty ‘resin/plastic’ stuff and look like they are cast similarly to the Deadzone and Dreadball miniatures that Mantic sell.  These ones are by Privateer Press though and are for their Warmachine game.

There I go moaning again…  I really must get off this negative vibe!

I should have realised that when I first saw them, as I have made up a few of the plastic figures from Warmachine before. I had then vowed never to use them again.  The metal stuff from both Mantic and Privateer is great! So why they use this method of moulding for their plastics I will never know.

These are Convergence of Cyriss, Reductors.  Robot types with multi barrelled short range guns strapped to one arm and a blade strapped to the other.  Just the ticket for mindless Martian troopers.  Putting them together went ok but they clean up very badly.  The flash and mould lines are a pain to remove as it is so soft that a file does not work and a knife is little help either.

The flat detail is not too well defined either, and with a coat of silver spray almost disappears.  This was the problem I have had with these types of miniatures before.  But as they will be driven in front of the Martian tripods to die as cannon fodder they wont be on a table long enough to notice.

Slap on some brass and dark tone wash and they almost look respectable.  I also managed to picked out 5 with a green eye and 5 with a blue eye so that I could identify the different squads without them looking too different (cunning that, don’t you think).

They are all but finished now and awaiting their bases, so I will use them to trial the idea I have for Martian themed bases on them.  I have a plan for that, that hopefully will bring what looks at the moment like a mixed up selection of units, together as a coherent force…

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