Wargames Table – Upgrade – Ceri Design

One of the Kickstarter projects that I have backed twice now sent out my items this week.  Ceri Design is a small, UK based company, that makes and sells felt gaming mats.  I have two mats from their earlier Kickstarter, a 3×3 cobblestone mat and a 3×3 simple street mat.  Their latest kickstarter was to fund larger mats, this time in a 4×3 foot size.

I went for 2x Barren Ground mats so that they would cover a 6×4 foot table.  They do that very well even though they are not specifically designed to go together as a 6 foot cover.

A very nice, generic, land image with a fairly muted colour scheme.  Slightly greener than it seems when photographed but this will easily fit in with most of my scenic terrain.  At £22 each (£44 for a 6 foot table) they are much better priced than lots of the other mats on the market.

Just my opinion but I do find that a lot of the Vinyl mats on the market are very shiny. That gloss finish makes them more difficult for me to use as the reflected light off them causes some smaller figures and scatter terrain to be harder to see.  This is notable in some photographs that flash back when trying to focus on the details of items placed on them.  Ceri’s felt mats are a soft matt finish so don’t have these issues.

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