Lessons Learned

My recent experiences with Reaper Bones figures is still fresh in my mind. So when I decided to add a couple of new ‘Bones’ figures to my Nurgle force, I knew that I would have to paint the base colour by hand.

These two are Reapers Faceless Horrors.  All teeth and eyes.  Great as chaos spawn, or to add as fillers to the reaper bones worms unit that I have in my Dragon Rampant army

Hugely detailed, and surprisingly well cast, with minimal mould lines for such an uneven surface.

Each one originally comes in 2 parts which fit together using small plugs, well placed alongside or under detailing, that serves to hide the joins very well.  If only other manufacturers would take note…

Being so detailed, the painting of the base colour takes much longer than you would expect.  Thinned paint would normally help to get into that detailing. However, as the bones material tends not to take thinned paint as well as it might, this was not an option.

An old brush is a must as it takes a fair bit of punishment to get the job done.  I am not as patient as I used to be, especially when it comes to jobs like undercoating. I suspect I am more heavy handed than I think too…

Great figures, but now I have painted the base coat I can see that it will take hours of work to get all those details painted.  There has to be at least 20 eyes and 200 teeth on each these two…

3 thoughts on “Lessons Learned”

  1. My one experience with Reaper Bones was to use a Citadel spray primer on it. In my innocence I had no idea that would be a problem and it was. It never cured (or whatever) properly and I was left with a shiny, oddly slippery miniature that never would take paint.

    I didn’t make any further Bones purchases after that, but now that I know more about the situation I am finding from this and your other post that I might want to give it a try with these guys.

    Love all the teeth!


    1. You should try the bones stuff again. Once you know its weaknesses you know to avoid things like thin sculpts, which end up too bendy to paint or hold their shape, and if you remember to not use spray cans, which leave a great sticky mess, you can get some quite good results.

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