The New Year Plan – Progress Report – Boiler Suited Minions (Score So Far +1)

After three posts I have managed to get back to -1 for the tally of keeping to the New Year Plan, but I suspect I may be able to get out of this rut with the next couple of posts.

This time round we have the Boiler Suited Minions.  I finally managed to clean and build these chaps. A job that has taken about 2 or 3 years to complete as they were bought at a show in 2015 if memory serves me right.

Bought to help me field a Fistful of Kung Fu force that could also be used in Ospreys Black Ops, they may now feature in those games or as an evil villains henchmen in Scrappers or Rogue Stars.

These guys are all supplied with separate heads, as the 7TV range has a whole host of head swap options.  I have used the original heads and found that most do not fit exactly as planned.  Most needed either, a bit of shaping at the neck, or some extra glue to fit and fill any gaps. Slightly surprising for such nice, detailed figures.

They look like they will paint up well with easy one colour jump suits.  I fancy these guys as the more boring grey uniformed types so its likely they will get a spray can undercoat in the base colour then just belts, bits, guns and skin picked out in a contrasting colour.  There is enough variation in the range for leaders and specialists to be picked out so they should come in handy for a good few games.

As these are definitely on the list I will count it as a success and put myself on a positive score for the first time…

Score for this post +1 point / Total score +1

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